Did You Know If You Don’t Go Out And Spend Money On Beers, You Could Be Like This Loser Who Is A Landlord At 22

A 22-year-old landlord from Stockport who bought his first house for £115,000 when he was just 19-years-old says there’s no excuse why others can’t do the same.

Josh Parrott managed to save up a deposit by putting aside the money he earnt from his side jobs whilst at school.

The young landlod worked at an estate agents while finishing secondary school and also juggled a job as a cleaner at his parents’ locksmith firm.

He went full-time when he finished college in 2018, and saved most of his £14,000 a year salary whilst paying £120 a month to his parents, and £2,000 a year to run his car.

He was able to save £11,000, which was enough for a deposit on a house in Stockport, which he bought in June 2019 for £115,000.


First of all, from the cover image, this is the exact person who looks like a loser who is bragging about how he’s a landlord. If I heard about this story and closed my eyes, I would imagine a loser like this. I figured that he would make like $50,000 a year after becoming full-time, but nope it was 14,000. Converted to dollars, that’s a grand total of $16,529 you could make more being a manager at McDicks. I figured that this dude got mommy and daddy money, but I don’t know if owning a locksmith firm is extremely profitable. Where the fuck is a house only 115,000? I live in the middle of nowhere, and you can’t buy a house for 115,000. My house wasn’t updated since the ’60s and is a smaller house that was $130,000. I have no idea how Stockport is, but I can only imagine it’s like Detroit, where they’ll pay you to buy a house.

But, he had to make some sacrifices to buy the two houses.

Going to the pub and spending money on things people his age would typically do took a backseat, and at times his friends would say he was ‘boring’

The trainee mortgage advisor said: “You just have to get past the mindset that there are certain things you do at certain ages.

“You just need to make the most out of living at home: it’s nothing like as expensive as renting privately or through an agency.


There’s no way this dude has friends; he threw that in so he doesn’t look like a complete loser. I understand that living at home will save you a lot of money, but it fucking blows having your parents as your roommates. I moved out as soon as I was 18, and yeah, I was poor, but god, was it fun having an entire place to myself. I was the only person in my friend group who didn’t live with their parents, so the parties would be at my apartment when they came home on college breaks. I don’t understand how he can say there are certain things you do at certain ages? Your 20s are all about getting hammered every weekend, hooking up with random people. Not sitting at your parent’s house and praying that you don’t get caught jerking off.

“I’ll slow down at 30, I can’t retire completely then I’d be bored, but I’d like to get a sail-boat like my grandad and pop over to Italy for the odd six months.


Remember how I said that maybe he didn’t have mommy or daddy money? Well, after that comment, maybe he does. Who the fuck has the money to sail to Italy for the odd six months? Nobody who has a normal amount of money can afford to do that or has the time.

With two properties under his belt Josh believes that young people have no excuse and can afford to buy a house.


In conclusion, fuck this guy. Sorry that most people want to enjoy their lives, and aren’t a loser like you. They enjoy going out with friends, not having mom and dad as their roommates, and aren’t losers.

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