If Your Wife Packs You A Healthy Lunch Maybe, It’s Not The Best Idea To Sell Them So You Can Buy Fast Food

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Once you get a normal job where you can’t steal fries from the restaurant you’re working at, food turns into a daily money sucker. Sure, you could make food, but that food sucks compared to the food you can buy. Everybody has been there where they know they should start bringing lunches to save money and be healthier. I’ve personally been there. I would get to work with no food, and as soon as I delivered near a gas station, I would go in and get pizza, or I would drive over and get Chinese food. I was burning through money to eat food that cost me 4 times the amount I could make it for. I might be one of those people who eat their feelings, and when I hated every second of my job, the best part of my day was when I stuffed my face with pizza. All that did was make me get fatter and spend more money. So I can understand why this guy was sneaking away to buy fast food.

This guy was wrong when he tried to sneak it from his wife and then get mad about it. Reddit decided that this woman was not the asshole, but the man was. Even though I love taking Reddit posts that TFM readers maybe didn’t see, I’m always wary that this is trolls who are just looking to get upvotes. Regardless if this is a troll or not, it’s still funny. And something that people who are dealing with post-grad problems can relate to.

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