Remember When Call Me Maybe Dominated Every iPod?

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I’m starting a new blog series where I dive into the early 2010’s. I was getting ready to graduate, figuring out which college I would go to, and everything was such a simpler time. Today I had to dive into the biggest song of 2011 and 2012 Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Don’t lie to yourself and try to be this manly man now that you’re a little bit older; Call Me Maybe is a fucking jam. At first, it was on every girl’s iPod, you and the boys didn’t want to listen to something that lame, and then the first time it was played at a party, you went ham. Being a drunk teenager and screaming, Hey, I just met you, and this might be crazy, but call me maybe with your dumb friends while you’re hammered after drinking 4 beers was awesome. I know it was for my friends and me. I still remember this party I went to senior year. It was the typical popular girl’s parents are gone, and they are having a party. I stayed the night at my friend’s house, who lived half a mile away; we snuck out of his basement bedroom and made our way there. We get there, and there’s a shit ton of people, a bunch of booze, pot brownies, and we are told that the party needs to stay in the basement. She turned this basement into the ultimate rave with neon everywhere, blacklights, and huge speakers. After a couple of beers I was greased up enough to start dancing which was horrible and when Call Her Maybe went on it was like we were transported to a House of Pain concert and they were playing Jump Around. My friends and I were all jumping and screaming the lyrics, which we all secretly knew by heart.

It didn’t matter what the occasion was during 2011 or 2012 this song was played. You could be hanging with all of the dudes; one of your friends had just gotten his license and your driving loser laps. There was no such thing as Car Play; instead, you had the cassette that had an aux cord at the end of it, and you had to plug your iPod in it, and that was the only way to listen to music. Randomly Call Me Maybe would be played, and it was a 5-second roast session, and then before you knew it, everybody was singing it.

After Call Me Maybe blew up, we had college teams, Olympic athletes, and cheerleaders doing parodies of the song. This was way before Tik Tok, where girls in no clothes could take over a trend; instead, we have dudes being dudes, chicks being chicks, and jamming out to Call Her Maybe.

Not a big deal, just Michael Phelps doing a dumb parody. With all of these parodies, there was remix’s that filled YouTube. The best one was Fuck Me Baby by Huey Mack. My friends and I thought we discovered this hidden gem that was going to blow up; well, that wasn’t the case, but I can still love 2012 Huey. Hey, I just met you, and it might seem crazy, but I’m almost famous, so fuck me baby.

What should I dive back into from the early 2010’s next?

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