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Remember Yik Yak?

I’m starting a new blog series where I dive into the early 2010’s and late 2000’s. I was getting ready to graduate, figuring out which college I would go to, and everything was such a simpler time.  Today I’ll be looking at the popular app that ruled the early 2010’s.

Yik Yak ruled college campuses from 2013-2017. It didn’t last long as the shitty side of the internet took over the app. Racism and cyberbullying took over the app, which ruined it, but the app was great before that. If you forget the app, it allowed people to create and view discussion threads within a 5-mile radius. What made it great was that you could talk shit, talk about parties, and whatever random shit was happening at your campus. Only the people who were on your campus could see the post, and if you wanted to be a comedian on the site, you could do that as well, which many people did.

As you can see, if you had a joke, Yik Yak was the place to toss it out there. Did you use to use Yik Yak? Do you miss rolling over at 1 in the afternoon and scrolling Yik Yak while you were hungover and dying in a random bed? Imagine if Yik Yak were around now, you would have your co-workers tossing jokes and shitting on your boss. Imagine tossing out a Yik Yak about your hot co-worker, and you have no worries cause Yik Yak is anonymous, but it only takes a couple of seconds to figure out who posted it. Everybody knows one horny dude at work checking out every girl in the first five seconds of them walking into the room.

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