Sometimes You Order A Couch, But You Only Get Half

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Getting new furniture is one of the first grown-up things you do when you move out on your own. Sometimes you’ll be smart and get an apartment that is already furnished, and you don’t have to worry about getting anything. Or you convince yourselves that it’ll be much cheaper to get the bare bone apartment, and you’ll find cheap shit somewhere. Either online or if you’re lucky, you’ll find a bedbug-free couch for free on the side of the road.

Ordering online is the future of shopping, but it has its disadvantages. For one, you’re relying on people delivering your stuff without breaking it. As somebody who has been in the delivery business for close to 7 years, I can assure you we don’t take good care of your shit. We sort things because they come in huge cardboard boxes and sort to each route; we chuck them into individual hampers. When I say chuck, I literally mean we throw them multiple feet in the air as they crash into other boxes. Another disadvantage is that you have to put the shit together yourself. Even though I helped rebuild a house, I still don’t consider myself handy. The last disadvantage is that you can’t test it out before you get it. There’s nothing like laying in a bed or on a couch in a showroom as you test out 100 different kinds of furniture, and you don’t actually buy anything. Sure, places like Amazon have made it where you can see the furniture in your room before you ever buy it, but it’s not the same.

I never got a new couch when we rebuilt our house. There was an old couch that was given to us. We kept that for a year and a half, and decided to buy a new couch. We bought a new couch from Wayfair, and thankfully we didn’t get a kid with the couch. We didn’t even get a full couch. One box was delivered, and I thought that was it. This is what our couch that we bought should look like.

This is what we got instead.

As you can see, we are missing the entire lounge part and an arm. I, of course, had to deal with 3 automated robots until I finally spoke with somebody. I was then rerouted and told that I would be contacted within the next two days. Well, that was yesterday, and I never got a message today, and I highly doubt they work on weekends. So maybe I’ll get the other half of my couch by next week when I asked where the couch was. I was told that they’d try to figure out if it was left on the truck or in the warehouse. AKA, they have no idea where my shit is.

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