There’s Being Petty, And Then There’s Paying Your Employees Last Check-In Pennies Petty

Everybody has thought, “fuck this person; if I need to pay them, I’ll pay them in thousands of pennies.” Nobody really goes through with that. It’s something that you say when you’re heated, but doing that would be way too much work. Well, for A-OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City, Ga, it was worth it. Andreas Flaten walked to the end of his driveway and found a glistening pile of pennies with a FUCK YOU note attached.

Flaten quit the motor shop back in November and demanded his last paycheck as any normal person would. With COVID, Flaten’s daycare was closing earlier and earlier, and his boss could give 0 fucks about his kid. That led to some heated exchanges, which made Flaten quit. Daycare is the biggest pain in the ass for everybody. It’s hard for the parents and hard for the bosses. You look like the biggest asshole if you don’t let somebody get their kid. At the same time, though, that person is supposed to be at work until a certain time. I understand both parties here, but what I don’t understand is the pennies. If the pennies weren’t a big enough kick in the dick, the pennies were covered in some sticky substance that Flaten thinks is power steering fluid.

This is going above and beyond with your hatred. I’ve hated bosses, and I’m sure bosses have hated me, but nothing like this has ever happened. According to the Department of Labor, being paid in pennies isn’t illegal. What might be illegal, though, is covering them in some substance. People in the comments told Flaten that he should look into what the Environmental Protection Agency might say about having a toxic be poured onto the ground, leading to freshwater. Flaten said that he has a freshwater creek near the bottom of his driveway.

Regardless this will go down as one of the pettiest things I’ve seen from the internet. Flaten said that he tried cleaning them with Dawn, and it didn’t work. The only thing that worked was wiping each penny individually. He’s really going to have work for that $915 paycheck.

Written by Mailman Dave

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