There’s Hating Your Neighbors Then There’s Building A Wall Made Out Of Shit

A 250-foot long wall of poop divides two properties in Lodi Township. It’s a smelly fence that Wayne Lambarth says his farmer neighbor built after a dispute. “Normally they spread it on the field but they decided to make a fence out of it,” Lambarth. Lambarth’s grandfather developed the farm 100 years ago, but the property was divided, and there was a dispute over the property line last year. That’s when the manure appeared, close to the house.

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This a new level of pettiness. They literally made a wall made out of shit. I can understand hating your neighbors; everybody has been there. My first apartment was this shit hole on my town’s Main Street. I swear to god, the people who lived above me owned god damn horses. It didn’t matter what time of the day it was. It sounded like a herd of wild animals. Come to find out; they had like 6 children who must’ve been running laps up there. Did I build a fence out of shit on the bottom of the stairs? No, cause I’m not a psycho. I was twenty when I got that apartment, so they probably didn’t enjoy the parties I was throwing below them. We had an unspoken agreement I didn’t complain about the pack of wild animals above me, and they didn’t care about my parties.

My second apartment was a basement apartment that was a slight upgrade. There really weren’t that many complaints other than the neighbors above me being old pissy people. I would be out scraping my car off in a blizzard, and they would open up their garage doors and give me dirty looks as they drove by. One time, they came down to my apartment to complain about the noise, and they acted all high and mighty and accused me of hitting the ceiling on purpose cause they heard banging. Did they think that maybe that was the noise of my headboard slamming against the wall because I was having sex? I mean, I wasn’t, but I could’ve been.

Lambarth has tenants living in the house who are forced to deal with smelling the cow poop wall every day. “It’s like you can’t leave the window open. The whole upstairs will smell like it,” Coyne Gatto said. Gatto and Schwarzel live in the home and have complained about the smell of the poop. When asked about the poop wall, the neighbor who built it said, “It’s not a poop wall. It’s a compost fence.”

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I love the answer that it’s just a compost fence. This man doesn’t give a flying shit about his neighbors and it’s hilarious. I mean if you live in Vermont like one of my friends does it’s literally called Cow Shit Country. It’s like a wall that you slam into as you cross the border. These people live near a farm they should expect to smell some bad shit. Farms aren’t what they make them out to be on tv where hot girls are walking around in cut off overalls, in reality it’s old men chain smoking as they sit in farm equipment all day.

While the poop is a disgusting nuisance, local officials said nothing can be done about it because it is on the neighbor’s property.

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This isn’t a surprise that the neighbor went crying to the police. That’s the best part about owning your own home. If it’s on your property, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Unless you live in a place with a homeowner association, I’ve heard horror stories of HOA telling people they can’t paint their house a certain color.

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