This Man Has Galaxy Brain And Managed To Get Himself 32 Days Of Marriage Leave

A Taiwanese man has taken the extreme measure of marrying his wife four times and divorcing her three times just to enjoy a total of 32 days of marriage leave.

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I mean anything to get yourself more days off. Back in the day, there used to be mailmen who used to toss themselves downstairs to get time off. I can’t say I blame them. I can only imagine that getting divorced is a huge shit show, but it sounds much better than tossing yourself downstairs.

At the end of the leave, he divorced his wife before remarrying her the next day. The man continued with the arrangement where he remarried her four times after three divorces, allowing him to enjoy a total of 32 days of leave. The man’s employer, however, only approved his first marriage leave. Unhappy that only the first marriage leave was approved, the man filed a complaint against his employer for not abiding with Taiwan’s labor laws.

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No shit, the employer wasn’t happy. I have to pat the man on the back for finding loopholes, but the employer does have a point. I don’t get how Taiwanese have special marriage leave, but could this man not use vacation time? If you want a crazy long honeymoon, take time off. I know that it might sound fun being with your newly married wife for 32 days, but how much sex can you possibly have? Taiwanese must have some crazy good labor laws because I’m shocked that this man wasn’t automatically fired.

Under Article 2 of Taiwan’s Regulations of Leave-Taking for Workers, “a worker shall be entitled to eight days of wedding leave with pay”. Investigations by Taipei City Labour Bureau later found the bank had indeed violated the rule and fined them TWD$20,000 (S$940). Unhappy with the fine, the bank submitted an appeal and pointed out the man was manipulating the system as he married the same woman in succession. Despite agreeing what the man did was unethical, the Taipei Labour Bureau upheld the previous ruling and maintained the fine.

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Little guy 1, big banks 0. This is a tale as old as time people are amazing at manipulating the system. Now I need to figure out how to manipulate the system for myself.

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