Who’s Got PostGradProblems: SharkWeekTFM Gets a Date

Upon first arriving at work SharkWeekTFM notices one of the part time girls, Kat, is in today.  He hasn’t seen her yet but he recognizes her unique aroma of sage and blue whale.  Not in a weird way, sharks just have an incredibly keen sense of smell.  It occurs to him that she hasn’t been around as often lately but remembers she does have another job…

He notices her at a seat in the lobby during her break…

SharkWeek: You can hang out with me at my desk.  It’s quieter.

Kat: Thanks!

(They sit)

SharkWeek: It noticed you haven’t been here as much lately.  You at your other job a lot more?  You’re in med school too, yeah?

Kat: Yeah, I got a promotion at the doctor’s office I work at.  I’m an office manager.  I’ve been a real workaholic lately.

SharkWeek: For some reason I thought you were more hands on than office stuff.

Kat: I was at the hospital but with Covid they aren’t letting people do that any more.  But doing both has let me know I really don’t want to do more routine work.

SharkWeek: In school I was pre-med up until… well…

Kat: Until what?

SharkWeek: It’s complicated.  Life just gets in the way sometimes, ya know?

Kat: I mean, yeah.  But now you got me curious…

SharkWeek: No, it’s nothing super weird.  But I don’t know you that well… but maybe I could.  What are you up to this week?

(He can sense her heart rate pick up slightly and her breaths become more shallow as they set up a time to meet thanks to the Lateral Line that runs down the sides of his Great White body and his Ampullae of Lorenzini which sense the small electrical impulses in her heart and muscles.  Apparently they had already exchanged numbers early on when he started working there… back when he had the balls to just ask for her number but apparently not to follow up later.  “Didn’t want to seem too eager…” That obviously worked out.  “Well it’s working out now,” he told himself.)

Kat: Don’t you have another job too?  But you’re full time here?  And you definitely don’t need the money.

SharkWeek: Just a side gig.  I do some writing for a company online.  And yeah I just find it… interesting. It’s just for fun; the extra money is nice but it’s not much.

Kat: Oh!  What’s the site!  Should I check it out?

SharkWeek: Uhhhhh… umm…  nah.  Don’t worry about it, haha. 

Kat: Someone said you used to write for TotalFratMove back in the day.  I wonder whatever happened to them. 

SharkWeek: Yeah…  I wonder. I’m surprised you’ve even heard of TFM.

Kat:  If you promise not to tell.  I actually had a picture for Rush Boobs my freshman year. Was the thumbnail for that installment.

SharkWeek: Ha!  That’s hilarious. Very impressive actually.  I could sense you were wild under those glasses! What fraternity?

Kat: I’m not telling!

SharkWeek: Actually, (leans in and stares at her ample chest long and obviously enough that she giggles) I think I remember.  Was it (redacted)? 

Kat: …

SharkWeekTFM: It was!

Kat: Lucky guess. (turning her head to the side blushing slightly)

SharkWeek: Riiiight.  That’s actually the fraternity I’m in. 

Kat: Uh oh.  I think break’s over. Gotta go.

SharkWeek finishes out the day without seeing Kat at all, goes home and lies spread out on the bed tired from the day but satisfied and victorious like a girl in cheesy teen drama when “nothing can go wrong,” right before the second act downfall when EVERYTHING goes wrong.   What downfall surely lies in wait for SharkWeekTFM?  Perhaps we will see in the next installment of Who’s Got PostGradProblems!

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