Are You Buying Antonio Brown’s Version Of The Story?

There are, of course, two sides to every story. And the side that AB84 is telling is making him sound like a victim and not the nutjob. Are you buying this?

This is coming from Ian Rappaport, a marginally tied in NFL reporter, so… who knows.

“What he told the staff, from what I understand, is that he was not going into the game because, in his mind, he did not feel he was healthy,” Rapoport said on Good Morning Football. “The response then from the offensive coaches and from Bruce Arians was, ‘If you are not gonna go into the game when we tell you to go into the game, then you cannot be here.’ At that point, they threw him off the sidelines and then cut him from the team.”  

As you have seen by now, Brown left during the third quarter of the Buccaneers’ game against the New York Jets. As the formerly elite player left the field, he tore off all of his gear off and threw his shirt to the ground before waiving and jumping in the end zone.

Brown did not fly back to Tampa with the team, and head coach Bruce Arians told the media that Brown is no longer a member of the team.

Brown has been in the news for his shenanigans more than any other player in the NFL in the last several years. He has face allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, a fake COVID vaccine card, and just overall ridiculousness have been his motto in recent times, and he continued that yesterday.

His story HAD to paint him in a much better light. But does he have any credibility left or are his days over?

Written by Malcolm Henry

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