Clearly Delta Karen Is Crazy… But She May Also Be Clinically Insane, Like For Real

Delta Karen, AKA Patricia Cornwall — the former Baywatch actress, Raiders cheerleader, and Playboy Bunny, who is now most well known for slapping and spitting on a passenger in a now-viral video that led to her being arrested by the FBI — has a pretty long list of fvckery to her name.

Her previous exploits also include a recent DUI where she tried to fight the cops, EMS, and fire department as well as a bit of time in the psych ward after she tried to kill her own mom.

Yes, tried to kill her own mom.

TMZ reported that Robert Spoeri, a man married to Yolanda Spoeri, Cornwell’s mom, filed legal docs in July, 2020, for a Civil Harassment Restraining Order. It claimed that Cornwall physically attacked and beat both Yolanda and him.

Patricia claimed she was the real mother of Robert and Yolanda’s 2, 14-year-old twins. He says he fears Patricia might kidnap them when she has a delusional episode.

Robert claimed, “Patricia kicked me, punched me, threatened to kill me, jumped on me, pulled my hair very hard, pounded my head into the floor … because I would not divulge where her mother was hiding. The real goal was to do far greater injury to her mother.”

He continued, “She did not explicitly say she would use a weapon but did say she would kill my mother and kill me.”

According to the docs, two officers took Patricia to the psych ward where she was placed on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold. The docs say this is the 2nd or 3rd time she was placed on a psych hold.

The matter would be resolved outside of court and the charges were dropped, but this seems to be a serious issue of violence and mental disorder, which we do not make light of.

The problems may be highlighted by her plane outburst: “Put your f— mask on!” she yelled at the man.

“Sit down, Karen!” he fired back.

She told him to mask up and that was when things hit the boiling point.

“You mask up, b—!” he responds, which lead to Cornwall slapping and spitting on the man.

“You’re going to jail!” he yelled back as Delta employees try to regain control of the cabin.

It appears that regaining control of her emotions has been an ongoing battle.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. Everytime there is a horrific mass killing you hear everyone say “If only we would have paid attention to the warning signs” – meaning past disturbing behavior, creepy and violent online posts, threats against others, etc. So now we have an individual who fits the bill to a tee. So what do you think should be done? We can either make light of it or wait until her next act against someone, which might be deadly. What will we say about the “warning signs” then?

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