Devin Booker, Clearly Inspired By AB84, Slides Into Ava’s DMs

Clearly Devin Booker did not learn from Antonio Brown that Ava Louise is here to chase clout and she will share evvvvvveerrrrrrrry receipt that she has.

Still, that did not stop the Phoenix Sun from shooting his shot — even though he is currently with infinitely hotter Kendall Jenner — with the OnlyFans ‘star’ that got ‘famous’ for licking toilet seats (among other things).

Booker slid into the DMs with a “#” and Ava released it about as soon as it went off read.

Fvcking hell, my dude.

Have you seen your girlfriend? Have you seen this Ava?

What in the hell is wrong with you?

We already reported on how the OnlyFans ‘star’ dropped the receipts on her banging out Antonio Brown before the game against the Jets, where he lost his mind and quit on the team, well… now he is down. Down bad.

Louise went from The Daily Mail to WFAN’s Carton and Roberts show to provide more intimate details about her time with Brown. And, according to Louise, she had to initiate sex because Brown wouldn’t stop complaining about the NFL and their protocols and that once they started getting it in, Brown didn’t last more than 30 seconds during their two sexual encounters that night.

Booker better be ready to do some explaining.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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