I Hate Neil deGrasse Tyson But Love His Dunk On Demi Lovato

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most insufferable ‘personalities’ that we allow to parade around as a celebrity. He is a smug asshole most all of the time and I think that I kinda hate him.

He is most known for all of his space stuff… being an expert on… space, or whatever… but he is most FAMOUS for being a shithead that ruins every sci-fi move, every Marvel movie, really any movie that has space or science involved.

So, fvck him.

But also… he took a shit on Demi Lovato. It was just after I took a shit on Demi Lovato, so now we are fvcking boys.

The baseline here is that Lovato is an idiot who think that calling aliens “aliens” is derogatory to aliens.

Tyson did not pass up his chance — and who can blame him?

As you can see in the video but I need more words to be SEO correct, he threw some shade at the nonbinary singer, with his smug, “Yeah, all the aliens I’ve ever met — they have no feelings.”

Now listen, I have no idea how many aliens he has met…. I assume it is zero… but I do like the added touch that makes it sounds like he has.

And he continued, “So to be worried about offending them by calling them an alien… What thinking is going on in the head of a species of life from another planet?”

Tyson made it very clear that he does share some of the belief that Lovato has and he does not use the term “alien” on anything other than those from another planet and not people, and he even goes as far to call them “space aliens” and not just aliens.

Thank goodness he cleared that up.

Oh… he also made one good point, that I hate that I didn’t think of in my rant of Lovato:

“Why should I even believe they know English?”


Written by Malcolm Henry

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