In Response To ‘Squid Game’ Popularity North Korea Showcases Military Feats Of Strength, Or Something

The top show in the world is Squid Game — it is an intense fvcking ride from the first episode to the last — and if you have yet to get into the action, you need to… but if you don’t know about it then you didn’t click on this since you have no idea what the headline means…

Anyways, clearly jealous, North Korea’s Supreme Leader decided that if people wanted to watch Koreans do insane challenges or die, then that is exactly what he would give them. Are you not entertained?

The country’s propaganda czar media released it “Defense Development Exhibition” video where Kim Jong-un’s soldiers showed off how they’re able to run through — no exaggeration, this is all in the video below — concrete blocks with their face, withstand sledgehammers to the forearms, attacks with 2x4s on basically every body part and other… feats of strength?

It really is must-see.

This type of exhibition is apparently a big deal…

“North Korea must have purposefully timed their defense exhibition this week to gain traction from the international community ahead of South Korea’s scheduled show to sell their weapons systems abroad,” Cho Jin-soo, former president of the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, told Reuters. “They are piggybacking on the South to sell the weapons and delivering a message of ‘forget me not.’”

So, the line taken by military analysts is that this all about upstaging a South Korean military exhibition, but… I am still betting on it being due to Squid Game.

Another of its arms of big government defense (not too dissimilar to what is slowly happening to US media) wrote that Squid Game, “exposes the reality of South Korean society, where weak meat and corruption has been on the rise and scoundrels are commonplace, is gaining popularity among viewers.

“It is said that the reason why the TV drama “Squid Game” became popular with viewers was because it dug into the reality of capitalist society and South Korea, where the extreme competition for survival and greed for the weak were rampant.”

It’s too bad that Kim Jong-un doesn’t read this site (well, we assume that he doesn’t) because he would already know that the US is ready to murder anything that moves with sniper rifles mounted on robot dogs and that is going to hurt a lot more than a TV show, or a 2×4 to the dick.

Also, FJB.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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