Photog Who Fell Off Super Bowl Celebrations Stage Seriously Injured

The Los Angeles Rams celebrated a Super Bowl victory with a pretty lame parade — by East Coast team standards — yesterday. While Matt Stafford was bringing back Frat Stafford, one reporter was injured in the line of duty.

Kelly Smiley, a photographer, took a tumble backwards off the stage. She broke her cameras. Oh, and her back.

Yup… fractured SPINE!

To the tape:

There is now a GoFundMe set up to help her recover:

Kelly needs your help! Hey all, my name is Tim and Kelly is a dear friend of mine who needs your help.This morning (2/16/2022), while covering the Rams parade in Los Angeles, Kelly took a heavy fall off the stage while covering the event, and it landed her in the hospital with a fractured spine. The funds raised by this gofundme will help cover Kelly’s growing medical expenses as well as replace the camera gear that was severely damaged due to her fall. Since Kelly is a working photographer, she needs this gear to help keep her working after fully recovering. Kelly is loved by all who know her and is a well-respected individual in the photography community. Please consider donating to this gofundme to help Kelly hit the ground running after she heals up.

It seemed to start out innocent enough, but clearly escalated quite quickly.

She was jovial in the first post, but that changed with a broken spine…

Written by Malcolm Henry

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