Terry Bradshaw Talked To G.O.A.T Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews And SJWs Losts Their Mind

BREAKING NEWS: Erin Andrews is still ridiculously good looking.

The now 43-year-old sideline reporter is in elite company for best looking reporters, she may be The GOAT. Hell, she changed the game, inspiring generations of hot sideline reporters… so much show that Mailman Dave dedicates time each week to them (See, See, See, See ).

Andrews first broke into the national attention alllllll the way back in 2004 (after paying her dues right out of college) with a role on ESPN in hockey and other sports. Pretty much every dude on the planet at that time took notice of the former Gator Dazzler dancer. And to keep up with the site branding, she was Zeta Tau Alpha.

She was then voted “America’s sexiest sportscaster” in 2007 AND 2008 by Playboy magazine. It probably should have been a few more years, if we are being honest.

ANYWAYS, I’m rambling… last night during the FOX pregame broadcast of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Terry Bradshaw addressed Andrews’ country-themed attire and paid her compliment.

“You got your cowboy boots on and your shirt,” Bradshaw said. “You’re lookin’ good. That was nice. I enjoyed that interview.”

Welllll now he has gone done did it… at least according to the unrelenting Twitter mob.

He even had the gaul to respond to her question following the promo…

“After the interview, Andrews appeared on a screen behind Fox’s pregame crew as the sideline reporter and asked, ‘I do want to know how old were you when you first got on top of a horse, first rode one?’” the New York Post wrote. “Curt Menefee repeated the question, and Bradshaw replied that he was 3 years old before continuing into the comments that sparked the backlash.”

It may be hard to finish this post as I am steadfastly ** CLUTCHING MY PEARLS **…

Here are some of the incel losers and Karen’s…

Anyways, yall get it.

If you want to see more you can add the ‘Terry Bradshaw’ to the query on your own.

Anyways, she still has her fastball… and we are fine with that. So fvck you, Twitter.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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