Hottest Sports Reporter From The Weekend: Taryn Hatcher

I love football and sports as much as anybody, but sometimes watching a bunch of grown sweaty men tackle each other can be a little much. Most of the time, the announcer or reporter is some 80-year-old ex-player who looks like he ate himself since he last put on the pads. What most stations have done is have a smoking hot female reporter who knows what they are talking about among the chaos of a game for this week’s hottest sports reporter, Taryn Hatcher.

This week we are stepping away from the gridiron, and we are instead looking to the ice. The hockey season is only about a week away, and what better way to figure out what teams you should watch than seeing a babe who covers the team. Taryn Hatcher is a reporter that covers the Philadelphia Flyers. When she’s not spending time on the ice, it looks like she loves to be on the beach. Which I’m not one to complain.

So the next time that you’re watching grown men with no teeth punch each other, dive in front of pucks that are going 80+ MPH, and checking each other over the boards. Maybe check out some Flyers games where Taryn Hatcher will be covering the game.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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