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Absolute Dogfight in the Stands of Petco Park!

The San Diego Padres showed no signs of life on the field last night during their 1-0 loss at home to the San Fransisco Giants, but there was life in the stands at Petco Park as four fans began beating the absolute shit out of each other! It’s unclear at what point in the game this fight is happening, but if my team acquired Juan Soto and still managed to drop a scoreless game to the Giants, I’d fight people too!


After a kick attempt that looked like it was shot fresh out of a corny 300 spinoff, a man was dragged down a flight of stairs in right field, and it looked painful. I mean, I’ve never seen someone gracefully eat shit on stairs before, but this was ugly. He probably tasted the concrete more than the six Miller Lites he had previous to this altercation. Two other men then seemingly jumped in and started throwing HAYMAKERS for absolutely no reason. Sometimes I question if fights on the field or off the field are more entertaining, and this answers my question. A few security guards soon broke up the quarrel after enough attention was drawn to it. Per TMZ Sports, a spokesperson for the San Diego Police Dept. came out with the following statement, “security handled and two subjects were ejected. We were not made aware of fight until it was concluded.”

The Padres fell (pun) to the Giants Monday, losing 1-0. Here’s Manny Machado looking like an idiot.

All in all, this fight is one of the most disappointing displays of athleticism I think I’ve ever seen, especially the guy getting dragged down the stairs. Poor dude dropped like a sack of pudding! Moral of the story here, if you’re gonna fight at a public sporting event, make sure you have enough booze in you that you become invincible. Spectate safely!

Information above was provided by TMZ Sports.

Written by tfmroto

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