Livvy Dunne Turned 21, So I’m Inviting Her Out for Drinks

Livvy Dunne just celebrated her twenty-first birthday. This means two things: she can legally drink, and she is so unbelievably rich for her age.

Livvy Dunne isn’t having the standard college experience. While most people on LSU’s campus are unknown by ninety-five percent of the student body, Livvy Dunne is known by nearly every college student in the country. Despite that, it seems that she was able to have a similar twenty-first birthday to everyone else. Except for the fact that she likely didn’t pay for a drink all night. 

I’d imagine this doesn’t change much for Dunne. She is famous enough to make the strictest college bouncers turn a blind eye to her. Her driver’s license used to prove that she was the Marilyn Monroe of collegiate athletes. Now it proves that she can legally have a drink. 

I think I might be more excited about Livvy’s twenty-first than she is. This means I can legally invite her out for drinks from the comfort of Total Frat Move. As a man who can’t talk to a woman without three or more drinks, a bar is the only place I can invite someone for a first date. 

If Livvy Dunne and I were in the same room, I would be scrolling the weather app in the corner of the room instead of talking to her. That’s not the case, though. She is somewhere not in my living room right now, which means I can shoot my shot.

I know that Livvy Dunne is currently dating the best pitching prospect of the past five years. It doesn’t matter. The grind of a minor league player is something that she might not be ready for. Instead, she could settle for an internet blogger in his fifth year of college. I feel as though I offer stability that she won’t find at LSU, or in the Pirates farm system.   

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