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The Cavs and Hawks are playing tomorrow night, and BetOpenly has you covered. BetOpenly doesn’t have a house, which means that you can set your own lines and odds, win more, lose less, and compete in person to person wagers. “The house always wins,” so they got rid of the house with only 1% juice. That means winners take 8% more, and losers lose 10% less.

Before the season began, the Cavaliers and the Hawks were expected to have similar levels of success. However, the Hawks acquired Dejounte Murray, which made many believe they would become a stronger team that could compete in the playoffs. But, unfortunately, Trae Young’s constant complaints overshadowed their performance. On the other hand, the Cavaliers had a much better offseason, and Donovan Mitchell has integrated into their team seamlessly. He has been performing exceptionally well and is a top scorer in the league. The Cavaliers have become a serious threat in the playoffs, while the Hawks seem to be considering a complete team overhaul.

The Atlanta Hawks are perplexing, as they were in the Eastern Conference finals only a few years ago. They added an elite two-way guard to their roster to complement their talented closer, Trae Young. Historically, when you add an all-star player to a team that has made it to the conference finals, it usually results in success. However, the Hawks have struggled, and even their statistics are puzzling. Although their starting five is impressive, their bench players seem inadequate, and even with Clint Capela’s impressive performance, the backup guards he passes the ball to can’t seem to score.

In contrast, the Cavaliers have a deep bench that can support their star players. Donovan Mitchell has fit seamlessly into the team and has been scoring at an impressive rate. He is joined by Darius Garland, and together, they make life difficult for their opponents. The Cavaliers also have two dominant big men in Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley, who excel in both offensive and defensive plays. It is difficult to see how the Hawks can hope to win against such a formidable team. Get over to BetOpenly to take advantage of their incredible lines and offers with only 1% juice.

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