Top 3 Worst Freshman Year Roommates

Waltham, MA - August 21: Freshman Ian Baker reacts as he spots his roommate for the first time while moving his belongings into a dorm at Brandeis University. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Most people come to college hardly knowing anyone. Having random roommates can go one of three ways. A.) You guys end up being best of friends for life or at least most of it. B.) You hardly talk to them while you live with them and never talk to them once you move out. C.) You have to move out because one night you found them hooking up chords to your brain to check your sleep patterns. Here are the top 3 worst types of freshman year roommates.

3. The Sketch Roommate-

This guy is really secretive with everything he does. He rarely says hi or bye, and never tells you where he’s going. You also probably have 3 classes with him, which he never comes to. This roommate also walks around with a fanny pack and you have never seen him wear a backpack. Every time you come back to the dorm there’s always someone new in there and they immediately leave when you get there. You’re like 90% sure he’s a drug dealer, but you don’t know for sure. He’s sketch, but as long as you don’t ask questions you won’t get hurt.

2. The Engineering Major Roommate-

This roommate is the one who is always stressed out. He seems to have a life-threatening exam every week. Every time you see him outside of the dorm, he’s running with his box of tools and a fedora for some reason. And when someone asks you if he’s your roommate you’re quick to say, “no,” and change the topic. This is a guy who seemed chill when you first met him, but when you try to enjoy your college experience and come back to your dorm hammered at 2 a.m. he gives you a warning and says, “next time I am telling our RA.” He is asleep at 9 p.m. every night

1. The Awkward Roommate

This guy could go hand-in-hand with number 2. However, this is kind of a mix of numbers 2 and 3. He will never be in the dorm, or in my case, he will be in his room and he will never come out. He is the guy to be talking to himself about dungeons and dragons. He is also the guy on the first day of school who will tell you that if he catches you drinking, he will rat on you. Ultimately, this is the worst kind of roommate when you want to enjoy your freshman-year experience, this is the last guy you want as your roommate.

Written by Danny Serrano

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