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Hottest Girls from the University of Arizona

This week on @tfmgirls we featured the beautiful ladies of the University of Arizona. I get that U of A is a pretty large school, but the amount of supermodel-level wildcats is still absolutely insane. Let’s take a look at our TFM girls of the week:

Kerry is the type of girl you randomly sit next to during lecture and therefore won’t be able to focus on anything your professor is saying because of how smoking hot she is. But, you don’t really care if you fail the class since you got to say “Hi” to her two times the entire semester.

Try to convince me that these photos don’t belong in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. That’s right – you can’t.

I hope that one day I happen to run into Briggs while on vacation somewhere. Sure, I won’t actually try to make conversation with her, but I think it would still be pretty cool.

Do yourself a favor and click to the second slide on this post. I promise you that Cassidy will not disappoint. In fact, it will probably even make your day.

There’s truly nothing like a classic bikini photoshoot on a balcony. Anyone else who was sitting out on their balcony in the surrounding area must’ve gotten quite the show. Thank you for your service, Jennifer.

On top of having a beautiful name, Leigha has an even more stunning physique. Delta Gamma is definitely lucky to have her.

That’s all for our TFM girls of the week, but we will be back again next week with girls from the University of Alabama. If you want to see even more of the hottest college girls, check out our Instagram page @tfmgirls.

Written by the godfather

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