The Rich Douchebag Whose Friends With Broke Bobby Spoke About His Friends Financial List

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Broke Bobby being part of a financial list where all of the friends are on a list where their salaries are listed if they want to travel to a 3rd world country if they want a private jet, and how many PTO days they have. Well, after this video went crazy viral.

He had to respond with this video, where he explained all of the questions that were asked.

If you don’t feel like giving the douchebag a view on Tik Tok, here are some highlights from the video. First of all, he’s not introducing you to his friends because you’re nothing but a gold digger. If you slid into DM’s because you knew exactly how much somebody made, and it was in the millions, I wouldn’t blame you either. Secondly, he honestly thinks this is some sane idea that they only use the list to make vacations and have a budget. How much of a douchebag are you that your first thought is, I wonder if my friend can afford my budget? A more normal reason is that you want to T bag your friends since you make more money than them. Thirdly, there are many different jobs on the list; there are business owners, accountants Broke Bobby is an accountant, doctors, and people involved in real estate. For everybody wondering how he has so many friends, don’t worry, he hasn’t known these people for that long. Some are from college, one from high school, and some from the last couple of years. Is there a special group where you can meet other rich dick heads, and do they all get in a circle jerk and jerk each other off with hundred dollar bills in their hands? Handsome Rob is actually handsome, and he loves the Italian fits, so it fits him perfectly. Sean, the richest one, owns software-as-a-service in the b to b service for productivity. I have no fucking clue what that means, and that sounds like some fancy title where you can scam companies into giving you a shit ton of money.

If you think Broke Bobby is bad, there’s another worse list. “They call themselves” the Welfare 10. Who the fuck would voluntarily call themselves the Welfare 10? This is 100% a name that was given by the rich douchebags.

Since they are broke bitches they need other categories. Will you eat at chain restaurants like some poor asshole eating at an Oliva Garden? Do you have points to get to first class? Because you know you don’t make enough money actually to get 1st class tickets. I fucking hate this person and his rich dickheads. If you are reading this, you probably make around the same as the people in the Welfare 10 group. My shitty Post Office salary is barely cracking that top 10.

P.S. The asshat that is making these videos makes his living renting Section 8 houses. He also pushes that anybody can do this and makes videos to trick people into getting into the housing market. Once again fuck that guy.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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