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Hottest College Athlete Of The Week: Jada Talley

For years, women’s sports have been the bunt of many jokes by fat dudes chilling on their couches. They think they aren’t athletic enough even though their peak of athleticism is not being winded while bending down to tie their shoes. Today we are looking at Jada Talley. Jada plays soccer for USC. Soccer again is coming up clutch for the hottest college athlete of the week. At this rate, soccer athletes are going to take the crown from volleyball players. Not only does Jada play soccer, but she also plays in California. Everything seems to be better in Cali; even though their college football teams suck, they can rub it in that they have babes everywhere, and that includes on the soccer field.

I know after seeing those washboard abs, you’ll want her Instagram. USC might still be a shit show for their football team, but at least their soccer team is great as they are 11-2-1, and they have babes. So if you go to USC, instead of being depressed about your football team blowing the big one, watch the women’s soccer team instead.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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