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Margot Robbie Offered $250,000 for Feet Pics

I never understood foot fetishes. I guess everyone has their own thing, but I just don’t understand the attraction to someone’s sweaty dogs. Unless it’s Margot Robbie – then I understand completely. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that she was offered $250,000 to make an account on FeetFinder to start selling feet pics. What a wild world we live in.

If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, then I think you share the same love and affection for Margot Robbie as I do. Not only did that movie make me choose to major in finance, but it also made me a man. You can’t truly hit puberty before you witness “The Duchess” in peak form. With that being said, no sane human would pay for Margot Robbie’s feet pics. If I have to question whether or not I have enough money in my bank account to DoorDash McDonald’s, you best believe that I’m not buying a FeetFinder subscription. That’s what Reddit is for. 

While I might not spend my hard-earned money on Margot Robbie’s feet, I think that a lot of people would. Like a lot. I’m not saying she should go full OnlyFans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a couple million off of conservative feet pictures (not that she needs it). I say give the people what they want. It’s not like she always wears socks out in public. Margot Robbie feet pics already exist – just not with the intention of being sold on the internet. Honestly, I think she should ditch FeetFinder and start her own feet pic brand. 

As children, many of us probably collected trading cards of some sort. Now that we are adults (and the NFT phase has passed), I think that celebrity feet pictures could become the next Pokémon cards. You might think that’s a stupid idea, but just wait. Before you know it, Margot Robbie will be running a foot fetish empire and single-handedly control the United States economy.

Written by the godfather

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