Even Kate Beckinsale Recognizes Madonna Is A Disgusting Attention Seeking Menace To Society

By this time my disdain for Madonna — an over-the-hill, never-was, Founding Member of the ButtherFace Society — is obvious. I think we need to acknowledge that she is not (and really never was) attractive and that with every move (like recreating Marilyn Monroe suicide photos) makes it more obvious that she is gnashing and clawing for relevance. It is sad. I am glad that Kate Beckinsale has seen it, too.

Kate Beckinsale is damn near perfect, even at whatever age. If it was not for that two months of Pete Davidson she would be No. 1 on the MILF Squad, but now I have to question what diseases she has her mental state …

Anyways, Becks shot her daughter a screenshot of Madonna’s latest and lamest image as a prank and it worked to perfection. It also shot some of the best shade at Madonna.

To the Tape:

“Do you think it’s too much that I posted this?

The thing is my ass looks good,” Beckinsale texted her daughter.

“I’m a little confused I must say, I do think it’s a little much but it’s also very arty,” Sheen responds.

That is when the good comes in: “Like I’d ever.”

“I can’t believe you can’t recognize your own mothers anus from under the bed.”

Beckinsale — who was not embarrassed to be seen in public with Pete Davidson — let it be known that she is still too classy to post that image on social media.


Beckinsale did realize that the shade may draw the ire of disillusioned folks that still think Madonna matters and tried to take some of the sting out of the text exchange with the caption, saying, “[Lily Sheen] had a fright. God bless [Madonna].”

Her daughter replied with an equally side-eyed post as well, “I’m so relieved. I legit sat down to deal w that. My coworker came up and asked if I was on break,” Sheen said. “I wouldn’t even be embarrassed like for me if u posted that I would be concerned.”

Beckinsale replied to that, “As if I’d take and post that you maniac.”

Fvck you, Madonna.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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