Michael Rapaport, The Human Cold Sore, Gets Smoked With Snowball And Told To STFU During Livestream

Universally disliked Michael Rapaport finally got a little bit of what he deserves as he was trying to broadcast another one of his lunatic rants about nothing when a hero took matters into his own hands and drilled him in the fvcking face with a snowball.


When Rapaport tried to talk back at him, the dude gave him a ‘STFU’ and went about his day.

Honestly, this is a dream come true. I, like everyone, hates this clownshow with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Getting the chance to see him in the wild would present so many opportunities to punk him that I may just stumble into doing nothing. My freezing potential makes me appreciate this person even more.

In case you need a reason to join me in hating this fvcking piece of shit, let me refresh you of a story that is near and dear to TFM:

If you’re a little bitch like Rapaport is, the internet is going to make fun of you. Well, it looks like Michael Rapaport is a bigger bitch as he is narcing on everybody who slides into his DM’s. From the best basketball players of this generation to the random college kid, nobody is safe

This walking cum stain had the balls to rat out a bunch of college kids because they wanted to troll him — and we wrote about it.

And what did the so-called “MVP of Trash Talking” do? He tried to get our Instagram page taken down.

So… we wrote about that, too. God, imagine looking like this:

fvck this guy.

It was in a blog called “Michael Rapaport Reports TFM: Proving He’s Softer Than My Penis After Six Double Rum & Cokes” and you should probably read that too as we drag his ass across the internet.

Anyways… as aways… fvck Michael Rapaport.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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