Michael Rapaport Proves That He’s The Biggest Bitch As He Can’t Stop Narcing.

You’ve probably seen my other blog where I talked about how Kevin Durant murdered, filleted, and straight-up dragged Rapaport’s corpse through the DM’s. If you live under a rock, here’s the simple breakdown. Rapaport got hired by Barstool —- Was a dick and annoying at Barstool and got fired — Publicly went after Portnoy and Barstool as a whole — Barstool fired back — Rapaport got all butt hurt and decided to sue Barstool — Barstool won and made Rapaport look like a little bitch. If you’re a little bitch like Rapaport is, the internet is going to make fun of you. I’ve been training since I was 14 years old and playing Call of Duty to tell people that I fucked their moms. My generation is veterans when it comes to internet slander. Rapaport actually “wrote” and sold this book. This cum guzzling cunt actually wrote a book claiming to be the MVP of trash talk. The MVP and the MVP don’t stand for Most Vulnerable Pussy.

Well, it looks like Michael Rapaport is a bigger bitch as he is narcing on everybody who slides into his DM’s. From the best basketball players of this generation to the random college kid, nobody is safe. This piece of shit, actually, I take that back shit is actually good for something. It helps grows plants and provides great nourishment for the Earth. Calling Rapaport a piece of shit is too nice. This walking cum stain had the balls to rat out a bunch of college kids because they wanted to troll him.

Cry me a fucking river, you loser. Here’s Rapaport snitching on Phi Kappa Psi all because somebody’s feelings were a little hurt. In the Rapaport house, Wednesdays are for getting butthurt and trying to ruin kid’s lives. You’re going to try and get people expelled because they talked shit in your DM’s?!? Grow a little skin, you paper thinned creamsicle.

This fucking loser is deep-diving into people’s personal life because he can’t be the bunt end of a joke. As the King of Trash Talk, you’re going to resort to talking about somebody’s girl? You do know that your “friend” is going to feed you whatever bullshit to keep that mentally challenged Larry Bird face happy. He’s milking off your tit and being a pretend friend to get free trips and dinners out of your bitch ass. Nobody can actually be your friend; you probably claim an extra in one of your D movies as a friend.

This has moved into serial killer shit. Jesus Christ, dude, what are you going to look up next? This person’s 3rd cousin twice removed, where he was born, the exact movie theater he had his first-hand job in? Calm the fuck down; it’s going to be okay. I know it’s hard to be a happy person when you have an 18-inch dildo shoved up your ass all day.

I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Rapaport. I’m probably going to get a DM telling me that he’s going to go to the Post Master General and tell him all of the mean things that I said. Go right ahead; you bitch ass motherfucker. You’re a 51 loser who will keep making fake beef to try and stay relevant. You’re not funny or a good actor. You’re a punching bag that is that has been spilling sand and needs to be brought out to the trash.

P.S. the only pussy you get is from the cats you kill.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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