5 Types Of Girls At Frat Parties

Whether you’ve been to every frat party since the beginning of your freshman year, or have only been to a few, you will realize very quickly that there are many different kinds of girls who go to these parties. Whichever group you’re a part of, be comforted in the fact that as long as you’re a girl, the frat is happy to have you.

1. Newbies

These are the girls who don’t go out very often and don’t know any guys in the fraternity. Typically these girls are either socially awkward and just went out because a couple girls on their floor were going so they tagged along, or they are the girls who didn’t drink until they got to college and end up getting belligerent and passing out in the corner behind a trash can. They usually will wake up to pictures/videos of them drinking, raging, puking, then passing out.

2. Groupies

The groupies are the exact opposite of the newbies. These girls are the ones who live, eat, sleep, and breathe this fraternity. These girls are easy to find because they claim that every guy in the fraternity is their “babies.” This girl knows every one of the members’ first middle and last names and their birthdays. She knows what each one of their first childhood pets were, and her Instagram is filled with pictures of her in front of their letters with the caption “rush __.” or “home.” You will see them every time you go to this house, no matter the time or situation. You’ve been warned.

3. Frat Rats

Frat Rats go out as much as the groupies except you will see them at ALL the fraternity parties. They don’t care who is having the party but as long as it’s a frat, they’ll be there without a doubt. These girls go from frat to frat and on average will attend about 3-4 different parties every night they go out. They will show up at the parties for the free alc and be out of there before you can even see who it was. But, before they leave they will make sure to put up a Snapchat story in front of the fraternity letters to let people know they made an appearance at that party.

4. Oldies

We all know that one girl at every fraternity party who should have stopped going to frats two years ago. But despite her age, she still goes because she’s emotionally attached to them. Usually, these are old groupies who should have retired by now but for some reason still go to the parties to stand in the corner and complain about the sloppy drunk freshmen girls making out with all of their “babies.” If you go to her Instagram you’ll find throwback pictures of her in front of the fraternity flag captioned, “Throwback to when I first fell in love.”

5. Shackers

Lastly, you have the shackers. These are the girls you will never see go home alone. They are always dancing/making out/going upstairs with some guy. As far as their wardrobe goes, it has doubled since they’ve taken on this lifestyle. These girls have multiple t-shirts from every fraternity on campus. Not only that, but they can give detailed descriptions of each one of the frat houses including the dimensions and color scheme of each room.

But hey, in the crazy world of college partying, what would life be without a little bit of diversity?.

Written by TSM


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