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Unwritten Rules and Facts of College

You Don’t Sit Next to a Random Unless You Have To

This rule is shockingly unfollowed by way too many people, but it’s a rule, nonetheless. If you walk into your class and see two open seats next to someone, you NEVER take the one directly next to them. It’s terrible form. You leave that one open, and if someone else comes in and has to sit there, it’s fine, but you CAN NOT be the asshole that sits down next to me in class when there’s another open seat.

There Are Assigned Seats

Going along with the last one, there are absolutely assigned seats in college. Once the first couple weeks are over, those seats are locked and loaded, and you better not be the asshole that decides he’s going to pop in and snag the seat someone was sitting in for the first three weeks of class because that ends up fucking everyone else over. It’s a dick move.

First Nice Weather = Drinking

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Wednesday in the middle of mid-terms, a Sunday before a group project is due, or you’re blessed for a beautiful Friday afternoon in the spring. When that first really nice day hits after the winter, everyone on campus grabs a beer and gets down to business. No one needs to say, “Hey, it’s nice out. We should sit out on the porch and have a few drinks,” because everyone knows that it’s going to happen. 

The Weekend is the Reason We Don’t Drop Out

This one is pretty simple. All of us hate going to class. We all hate doing homework. None of us like studying, and I know there isn’t a single person that looks forward to taking a test or writing an essay. The only reason college is at all bearable throughout the week is that we know that the weekends are going to be a lot of fun. If it weren’t for the three nights of pure degeneracy that we experience every week, college in America would no longer exist because it would be so ridiculously un-fun that not a single person would ever think about going. 

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