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Things No One Tells You About College

Always Tired

In high school, we all got up at around 6:30-7am, went to school for about eight hours, and then had sports or clubs or whatever you did after school, went home and did homework, and then stayed up after that doing whatever nonsense we felt like. I don’t know how I survived those four years because I’ve reached the point where if I have a class for an hour and fifteen minutes, I physically cannot move on with my day without taking nap. 

“Advising” Doesn’t Really Exist

Every college talks about how great their advising department is during their tours and presentations, but in reality, the second you get to school, you’re on your own. You’ll see them once a semester, and you might even be lucky enough that they throw you a recommendation or two for what classes to take. In reality, though, all they do is tell you how many credits you have left to graduate, print out the major requirements form that you already have access to, and send you on your way.

An Alarming Number of Your Classes Will be Useless

I’m not even talking about your gen-eds here. Of course when you’re majoring in engineering and have to take a philosophy class, it’s probably going to feel pretty pointless. That’s something most people understand going in. What you really don’t expect is when your major has you take classes that are either completely pointless to what you’re actually studying or it’s just a class filled with information that you’ve been learning since you were in eighth grade.

Not All “Professors” are Actually Professors

I don’t claim to be the most brilliant English Major of all time (I think it, sure, but I don’t ever claim it), but I can say with 100% certainty that I could have taught at least two of the English classes I’ve taken in college. At least. That’s because I’ve had “professors” who aren’t professors at all. They’re just people who are teaching the class and who, in all reality, have zero fucking clue what they’re talking about. I’m just saying that if we’re all out here paying for an “education,” the least our universities could do would be to supply us with people who are actually qualified to teach.

You Will Inevitably Want to Drop Out

At this point in the semester, I think I’ve hit about seven times where I’ve sat down and come very close to convincing myself that this whole college thing is all a scam, and I don’t really need the degree. Part of that istrue. I think at this point in my academic career there are a lot of things I have to do to graduate that are completely pointless, and I could have finished up after two years. But the part that always wins out is the one that tells me that if I don’t get a diploma, I will, inevitably, end up having to go back to school later. Dear Jesus, I don’t want to spend my thirties taking classes.

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