Advice On Sugar Daddies

There are two types of relationships a young, hot girl like you would have with an older man.

1 – You’re dating 

Most likely he’s under 40 and listens to Eminem. He still wears DC skate shoes. He’s just not ready to grow up. Nothing wrong with that.

2 – He’s A Sugar Daddy

If you don’t know what a sugar daddy is, it’s a man who most likely watches Bill O’Reily’s web show and is lonely. He will pay for your time and affection.


Here is my advice for dating an older man. Don’t be embarrassed about your age. He is well aware of how much younger you are. Think about it, most likely his last girlfriend was his age. She understood shorting a stock and remembers aim messenger. He was with her and chose someone else. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know a movie or music reference. It’s cooler to just say you’ve never heard of it and then he can show you something from his past he likes. 

If you constantly are trying to prove how “mature” you are. You’re going to get exhausted and anxious. Just joke about it. If his friends say something about your age, laugh it off. Who cares!!!

That being said, don’t be on Instagram posting everything when you’re out with him. That’s fine when you’re with friends. But it’s annoying to people who didn’t grow up with social media. Don’t get sloppy drunk in front of his friends. It ruins everyone’s night. It’s hard to respect someone who gets way too wasted. Drink beer or something that takes longer to get you drunk. Maybe he gets sloppy too and then you can completely disregard this piece of advice.

Sugar Daddy 

You may be thinking that it’s easy. You go to dinner with him once a week and your student loans are paid off! It sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true. Watch some youtube videos made by sugar babies. The men are very demanding. If you have agreed to have a ”platonic” relationship with no physical aspect, that doesn’t mean he won’t still try to get you to sleep with him. They’re very pushy. They expect you to drop everything anytime they want attention.

Number one piece of advice, don’t give out your last name. I know this one girl, who ended things with her Sugar Daddy. She had started a new job and was making money. She didn’t have the time for him and didn’t need money. He was so upset he found her mom on Facebook and exposed her. Told her mom everything about their relationship. Then he showed up at her work and stalked her boss. That is why you never give last names.

The second piece of advice, bring a friend and meet in public places! If you are meeting in person bring a friend along for safety measures. Meet at a restaurant or bar. Don’t ever go over to his place or a hotel room. Especially without a friend or backup.

The third piece of advice, get your money upfront. They have to pay first. Always. You are super hot. Your time is valuable. That is how all those websites work like Seeking Arrangments. Assume he is untrustworthy and gets that bag upfront. Don’t get underpaid. The average Sugar Baby makes 2,450 a month.

The fourth piece of advice, if his friends come along, they have to pay too. If your friend comes along, they have to pay your friend too. This is a business agreement. No need to be shy. You want these men, who you are going into business with, to know they can’t mess with you or short-hand you. Chances are, they think you’re naive because you’re a young woman. Be super upfront. Don’t let them emotionally manipulate you. Make sure they understand they can’t mess with you.

Written by Sofía Viagra

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