BREAKING NEWS Sorority Accepts A Pledge Who Does Not Own Lily Pulitzer

An unnamed sorority (it was Gamma Phi Betta) accepted a pledge earlier this semester who does not own any Lily Pulitzer. Historically, sororities have been accused of being judgemental regarding physical appearance. In an effort to be more inclusive, the sorority sought out to find a diverse group of pledges to enrich the culture of their sisterhood.

This year, the sorority, who remains nameless (it was Gamma Phi Beta), decided to accept a pledge who did not own any Lily Pulitzer. Pledge Katie would be the first pledge of her kind to ever be accepted into the sorority. 

“At first we didn’t know how if we liked her style” Head of Recruitment Katie R. recalls. “She’s was a little too much urban outfitters. All her clothes were unflattering. But the more we got to talking, the more I realized how similar we are, despite our outwards appearances.” I questioned Katie R. on this statement since both girls looked like pretty, blonde girls from the midwest. “Well she’s more of a 6 and I’m a 9.2” Katie R. clarified. 

The sorority house smells Yankee Candles Pink Sands and Clique Happy perfume. It feels like home, or the first 15 seconds at your home after the cleaning lady leaves. Katie G., the Diversity Chair for this chapter, tells me about her first meeting with Pledge Katie. “She didn’t even have the Pulitzer Planner!! How does she remember her classes?” Katie G jokes. Pledge Katie pulls out her iPhone and opens it to the google calendar app to help clarify.

Pledge Katie is super hopeful for her new sisterhood. “I am so excited to be invited into the house. Yes, I may be the only sister with visible tattoos that aren’t bible verses, but I know this is my new home.” 

Three weeks later, Pledge Katie was j-boarded for posting TikTok dances wearing a crop top with a beer bottle in the background.

Written by Caroline Bano

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