Early Morning? Nah, Late Night.

You don’t know how fucking crazy you sound when you get in from a late night, until you record it.

Looking back at your drunken conversations when you’re sober may just be one of the most cringeworthy things of all time. 

Which is why I took the liberty of recording my friend and I, so you don’t have to. 

Quick back story: the two of us went out to a club with no intention of going to an after, but as we all know…sober intentions never follow through. 

So, logically we stayed out til we were basically kicked out. 

We got an Uber home, but for some reason we just couldn’t get ourselves to call it a night. 

So like normal people, we hung out at the park until Starbucks opened. 

We thought we were being reasonable and making complete sense, until we watched the 15 minute video we made.

I cut it into bite size pieces for you to devour, enjoy:

Okay, TikTok took it down because they’re soft.



Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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