I Broke Up With the Perfect Guy Because His Penis Was Too Small

I wish I had never met him. I wish we had never crossed paths that day at school. I wish he had never asked for my number and I wish I didn’t let him take me on a date where we spent the whole night talking — I felt like I had known him for my entire life and I never wanted it to end. I regret letting him kiss me over and over and over again until our teenage lips were chapped and sore. I wish he never took me home to his parents, who eventually became like a second family to me. I wish he never loved me.

I wish he didn’t exist.

Because if he didn’t exist, then I wouldn’t know what it’s like to fall in love with the perfect guy, and then subsequently have to dump him because his dick was too small.

He was perfect in every way, except the one. The first time we met, it felt like there was a magnet pulling us together. I had to know him. I had to talk to him. I wasn’t even in control of my body anymore, it was completely acting on its own accord. I went up and talked to him (something I would otherwise never, ever do) and the conversation flowed like magic. His name was Ethan and as I introduced myself, I had to stop myself from saying “Hi Ethan, I’m in love with you.”

We didn’t stop talking. I gave him my number and we went out on our first date that next day. Things quickly snowballed into a relationship and it was the first time that I ever really understood what people meant when they said they’d found their soulmates. “So this is what it’s like,” I thought to myself one night as he pulled away from my driveway after another five hour long date.

I couldn’t understand how a guy this incredible, gorgeous, and charming could be single. I thought for sure some girl would’ve swooped him up in high school, if she were smart.

I understand now.

But before we get there, you have to understand how utterly obsessed we were with each other. I had never been so physically, emotionally, spiritually (crazy, I know) attracted to someone. It’s like I had put on this Earth to find him. I couldn’t want for anything more in a person. There was no jealousy, no possessiveness, no question in our minds that this relationship was it. You could’ve offered me Ryan Gosling on a silver platter and I would’ve said “No, thanks,” and asked for Ethan instead. I was completely and irrevocably in love.

And then the pants came off.

We were young and in love so obviously the next step was sex. The no-pants dance. The horizontal hula. Dry humping just wasn’t doing it for us anymore, so we decided to go all the way. Neither of us were exactly virgins, so while it was a huge step in our relationship, it wasn’t like it was something completely brand new.

What he was packing (or rather, not packing) down there was, however, very new to me.

At this point in my life, I had seen a dick or two or three or more, who knows. I knew what they looked like. Sure, they differed in size, but they were all in the realm of average to above average. When I unwrapped his package, what I saw wasn’t in that realm. It wasn’t even on the same planet as “average.”

It’s like someone had taken the “resize” feature on Facetune and pinched inwards on his dick. It looked like every other dick I had seen, but just waaaaay smaller. I don’t think you could technically call it a micropenis, but his dick and a micropenis could be brothers. Very similar. Too similar, I’d say.

Seeing his extra small peen was a shock, but I thought it was something I could work around. Maybe he’s incredibly good at oral, I tried to convince myself. Because if you have a small penis, it’s required by law to be good at oral.

And he was. His tongue did things that his miniature penis couldn’t, and while that was great, I had an epiphany one night mid-penetration (if you could even call it that). Yes, the love of my life was “deep” inside me and my mind literally wandered so far away that it came to this realization: oral isn’t enough for me.

Yes, oral is great and honestly the only way I can ever finish, but it just wasn’t enough. I needed actual, physical, DEEP penetration. Try as he might, his little Vienna sausage just couldn’t do the trick. It was so small that the condom would routinely just slide off. I honestly couldn’t even feel the damn thing inside me. I’d rather catch a finger or two than catch his sorry excuse for a dick.

I thought I would just be able to deal with his, uh, shortcoming, because I’m not exactly a freak in the sheets. I’m pretty vanilla in bed compared to some of the things I’ve heard girls do. I’ve never had a money shot, I have no desire to try anal or be with another woman, and besides a little light choking, I just like regular old-fashioned sex. Give me some tongue-fucking and then that good ol’ P in V action and I’m good. I thought I could overlook this small (oh, it was small alright) flaw because everything else about him was perfect. But I couldn’t and I didn’t.

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it is something. It matters. Sexual chemistry goes hand-in-hand with relationship chemistry, and I just didn’t have it with Ethan. As perfect as he was, I couldn’t sell myself short for the rest of my life. I deserved to be happy. I deserved a real dick.

I broke up with him six months after we first met and started dating. I tried to stick it out for as long as I could, hoping that my sexual needs would just go away because every other need had been met. It took me six months to realize that it doesn’t work like that. He was obviously hurt by the breakup, and so was I. Ethan was everything I wanted in a guy, everything I still want in a guy, except for that. It was the hardest breakup I ever had to go through because I honestly didn’t want to do it. I felt shallow and selfish for breaking up with the perfect guy just because he had a small dick, but I couldn’t stay with him knowing that I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

We’ve relapsed a few times since the breakup. Every time I see him I think of the guy he is on the outside: tall, sexy, sweet with an ass that won’t quit. I convince myself that maybe I made a mistake — maybe I can be with him even though he can’t fulfill my sexual needs. The sexual tension between us is palpable, and we give into it. But every time we go home together I’m reminded of how untrue that is. I tear his clothes off, filled to the brim with desire, only to have all that sexual tension fizzle away when he whips out his two-inch garden snake.

I recently deleted his phone number from my phone and blocked him on every social media because I don’t think I can see him or talk to him without wanting to try and work things out. I may have dumped his dick, but I don’t know if I’ll ever not be in love with the other 99.999 percent of him.

Written by TSM


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    • Only those with micro penises got offended and attacking 😂😂😂because apparently that’s the only thing they can do since they can penetrate the women😂

    • No she’s not. I admire that she’s sharing. I can relate to this heartbreak story! I appreciate her honesty!!!! Thank you!

  1. I am going through exact situation. Please contact me because I need advice and an update on how everything ended up!

  2. Go fuck yourself, you disgust me. Bet you even told him he was perfect and you were the problem… Cunt

    • Mots men are not even average 5.5″ which not gonna happen I have no intention of faking a orgasm to make. A fractured ego that I will not lie to a inadequate lover or give pity sex with a itty bitty penis like boyfriend who is gonna be hilariously small. Js I will find a alpha male who is phenomenal in the sheets. If you’d like to be Hung your not going to see gains in pills or anything if you are barely 2″ on a good DAy your your stuck with a member that is not satisfying a total fox like me. Sarah sounds like your boyfriend is not measuring up enough for you 5″ hmmmm its just a bout 4″ short for me.

  3. Kinda ruthless. You belong in Hollywood with all the other pretentious spoiled bitches. Women like you deserve to be stepped on, treated like shit, cheated on, and hopefully what comes around goes around. Did you ever think your just a loose slut???

      • The responses are hilarious. Yes, if a guy for no reason gets pissed at a woman for saying they prefer larger dicks, he’s packing a little nugget probably. So to those guys, fuck off. Now, girls that have soul-mate like encounters and relationships with men that cut it off solely because of his penis size, that’s not a slut, that’s a misguided moron. If my husband ever left me because I was flat chested, or had one of those hideous pussies, or was horrible in bed, I would be glad he left. Maybe its just me, my man has a nice dick, but if he was my soul mate and I connected like this girl and her ex, I would just buy him an extender thing that small guys can put on their dicks so she can get it deep. Good luck finding an amazing guy like you described, it took me over a decade. But big dicks, I have seen plenty. You will learn dear, as time goes on.

  4. It’s your decision and preference. I assume you have insecurities and flaws about your body that you choose not to mention /wish could change. Just remember nobody’s perfect. True love and loyalty is near impossible to find today.

  5. Tall, sexy… that is all you describe him. Lol, you don’t even know what love is.
    You just go for the exterior. But he he is lucky. Having a shallow woman as you would only make him miserable. His small dick might be your downfall, buth is win.

    • I’d like kill myself if I was a loser who was so tiny that his never grew since birth.Jentzen Ramirez is omfg what is a babe like myself gonna do with that baby dick lol.

      • It’s same with women who aren’t busty… a women with a a Cup is equal to micro penis.. if a women is complaining about her man’s size her ties better be perfectly shaped , ass perfect , bikini body and have youth and fertility otherwise it’s a joke.. a 5 inch dick is like a women with a b cup… if men told truth women would be destroyed but we don’t to save the women pain and suffering. Even asswholes don’t say these things to women. Imagine a women knowing in 30s good men won’t be interested at a point. And every other man would look at single women hitting wall as merely a object not a human being

    • Only those with micro penises got offended and attacking 😂😂😂because apparently that’s the only thing they can do since they can penetrate the women😂

  6. Lol wow, all these insecure baby dicked guys on here trashing her for being honest. LDE x10. Newsflash fellas – GIRLS LIKE BIG DICKS. If you’re average that’s fine, but if you’re hung like a mouse miss me with that

  7. I really don’t get the fuzz about what ops wrote. She’s into big dicks and deserves to get what she likes. I takes it these guys here bashing her have small dicks and you are throwing your insecurities at her.

    Great personality or not, woman want great sex in that mix too. I wonder why it hurts guys so much when women express hatred for their body parts when they (guys) openly express hatred about women’s body parts too.

    At least you guys know how it feels when you call her fat or skinny, or mock her small/big clitoris. Women are humans too. We want to be happy with our partner and sex isn’t far on our list. So deal with it.

    The worst is that guys with small dicks are more full of themselves compared to those with bigger dicks.

    Women are not tolerating your big ass egos anymore. If she says she can’t put up with your small dics, accept it and move on. No need to trash her. It makes you look weak and irritating.

    • Full of themselves? Are you serious? The majority of guys with small dicks have big insecurities, you know? Even a lot of average and above-average guys are pretty insecure about their size. It’s not even news. When a guy posts on an online forum asking for advice on his dick size insecurity, 100% of responses he gets say that personality and confidence make up for your size, and that it’s stupid to be insecure about your dick, so it’s natural to feel a little outraged when you start reading women actually talking from their experiences and realize those responses were all lies.

      Now, I do agree about women having the right to have preferences when it comes to sex, but I don’t think anyone has the right to express hatred towards the opposite sex body parts. The fuzz is not about OP having preferences, it’s about the OP being so resentful towards this guy because of a part of his body he has zero control over, to the point of wishing she never met him, writing a public article about it, using derogatory language to talk about his dick, etc.

      OP deserves all the shit she’s getting. What an obnoxious article.

  8. I’m sorry. I have a decent penis size 6″ erect, I am not exceptionally endowed, but this woman is very superficial, sex evolves and changes over time but the love she describes is something that could satisfy for a lifetime. I only felt incredible sadness and pity for this woman. She is obviously very immature and ignorant.

  9. You are absolutely and utterly a disgusting person. You’re out here feeling sorry for yourself, for “having to deal” with a below average guy? You basically ditched him and moved on to a bigger one, while the boy you were head over heels in love with will carry his “dealbreaker” for the rest of his life wether he likes it or not, he’s probably mentally tormented by shallow women like you. I do wish you great suffering throughout the rest of your pathetic excuse for a life.

  10. Let’s go ahead and get all of you gals in the comments and your weak, pathetic insults out of the way. Accuse me of having a little dick, being insecure, being angry or compensating all in a desperate attempt to not have to face the shallow, terrible person you really are.

    I’ve got no issues in the dick department of Corporation Chris, unless of course being incredibly average whilst at attention is cause for you to contact customer service and lodge a complaint. I certainly won’t win any awards for my appearance in a flaccid state either. But I’m the weird guy who thinks sex and sex organs are a very small part of what makes a person who they are. Feel free to spew the kind of venom you wouldn’t tolerate coming from a man about a woman. I’m sure guys who have insecurities brought on by your ruse and who’ve been poisoned by porn would be negatively impacted by your middle school level insults. Are you done yet? Can you grow up or at least act like it long enough to listen to reason and improve as a person?

    You are proving the problem with society was never men. It’s not the patriarchy. It’s people. Selfish, awful people. All it takes to expose them (you?) as such is a little power. Women were always at a disadvantage due to economics and testosterone. Now you think have an edge because dick denigration is acceptable. You get to be a heartless, abusive asshole too. You get to be superficial, vapid and cruel. Victory is yours. You showed them. Women like you have gotten a taste of what it’s like to really hurt someone or at least know that you can. And you like it. You like that you can hurt men with dick shaming. Now you’re no better than the chauvinistic men you hate. in fact, you’re exactly the same. Imagine a man publicly proclaiming that if you’ve got hideous, beefy curtains or weird looking breasts and that you should “miss me with that”. You’re the same as the men who mock you for “being fat or skinny” or mock your clitoris. The men who do that and dismiss possible partners because of it are low lifes. Decent guys have always known this. Get off your pedestal. You’re a low-life too.

    The author of this piece will likely get what she wants-and then realize it means nothing. She will have taken a pass on having something real with a good person, all in the name of “good sex”. She’s bought the lie that it’s the most important thing. She can say it’s not, and attempt to convince herself she’s not that shallow. But she’s on denial. Since the only issue is the size of his penis she has determined that’s the most important thing. She found someone on this godforsaken planet with whom she had a real connection and would have likely treated her well and she threw it away. She did him a favor. She doesn’t deserve him. She’ll get what she paid for.

    The reality is if you judge people by their sex organs then that’s the measure of you. You’re worth is limited to the value of the opening between your legs. Just like guys who mock women’s bodies are only worth what their penises can provide. What’s the value of your vagina? Is it for sale? It may as well be-you’ve declared the market open and set the currency. All we have to determine now is how you measure up. Perhaps we should hear from your past sexual partners and have them inform us of your imperfections. Again, you made the rules for this game. And in this game no one wins. It’s ugly. You’re just as hideous as they are.

    Perpetuating the wrongs of society just because you can makes you the same as the evil you decry. You’re not getting back at men or leveling the playing field. You’re just proving you’re a terrible person. And now you have no voice worth listening to when it comes to equality for women. You’ve chosen to get in the gutter with the worst of men. They are your peers, they are the ones with whom you are now equal. Have fun there, you and the fellas deserve each other.

    • If sex is that important her that’s her preference. She hasn’t bought into a “lie” because that’s her opinion. Opinions aren’t facts or lies. And good sex is at the top of most people’s list.

      • Idk. She won’t even do anal, but expects great sex? 🤣 thing is, if you don’t do everything your partner wants, you are denying them total sexual satisfaction. If that’s the make or break then idk. Look, she may find a guy who gives her great sex and is as vanilla as she is, but it’s unlikely he will stack up to ethan anywhere else, yet she won’t leave the new guy until he’s used and abused her for 15 years and she will make a new post regretting this and warning the next generation, but she will be accused of having internalized misogyny and the cycle will continue.

    • I absolutely loved this reply and I’m a woman. The size of a man’s package is not all there is to a relationship….a good relationship so as a woman I applaud your response to this individual who obviously needs to go through some more coal in order to find a diamond. Because diamond guys are not a dime a dozen…..they are RARE!!!

  11. I truly hope you have a son in your future. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you would advise him if he had the misfortune of being born with a sub average penis. ” I’m sorry son you have no value to the opposite sex, your character, intelligence, honesty, integrity mean zero you are doomed to live your life loveless and all alone, ” oh well, my boy, sucks to be you! “- Mom

    • Micro penis god offended😂😂😂and now wishing bad upon someone they don’t know wow do you know it comea back to you your son probably will inherit your micro size if you can even get a women pregnant with that joke of a penis

      • You are a dumb cunt as they come. Penis size is determined by the X chromosome passed from the mom side.

        Stop thinking about dicks and grab a book you dumb bitch.

  12. I see that this topic has a lot of people taking side! The TRUTH is……. If she wants more, then she should find it. It’s her choice BUT, why would she even post this in the first place? Why second hand humiliate this poor guy?
    The thing is this a guy can’t help what he’s born with, and women ( modern women lol ) act, treat, and speak like he has a choice. STOP it If you want more, than find it but DON’T act for a second like it’s his fault his penis isn’t enough for you.
    I read so much about women dissing there man for his size…..WHY? Be honest, but just be NICE about it, and how you end it, and don’t go belittle him to your friends, on line. Keep it private, spare the poor guy. Give him SOME respect

    • My problem, with every single guy here. Is that they want women to be dishonest? I, and the majority of men, would rather just want women to be honest, than this weird ass silence game. I am not well endowed, but finding real info on the topic, is borderline impossible. Simply because people like you want to keep them quiet. What does that solve, beyond info to those who need it. I would rather have a woman straight up say “I want a 8 incher” rather than her keeping it a secret and playing weird games.

  13. I was once very obese! But I’m now a gym rat, trainer,
    fitness freak, health nut and may compete in natural bodybuilding. I’’ll never return to that obese man.
    That was changeable and based upon my decision!
    **Unfortunately I have a slightly below average penis (NOT Micropenis) which can’t be changed and its depressing. I didn’t choose to have that condition.
    But I’d definitely date a woman who CHOOSES to live a healthy lifestyle even if she has “very small tits or tiny ass” That’s just her genetics! What else can she do?
    I WOULD NOT date a person who CHOOSES NOT to live a healthy lifestyle due to many health concerns.

  14. I’m not going to bash anybody or take a side. I think just clarifying what she is saying here will have enough impact. She says that the guy was perfect in every way, and she loves 99.99% of him, but the .01% that is penis size is more important than the 99.99% of everything else. So, she is saying that penis size is the only thing that actually matters to her. Being treated well doesn’t matter. Being cared about and having a “soul mate” doesn’t matter. A support network that has become a “second family” doesn’t matter. Because he has a small penis, she literally says she wishes she never met him. So, that means that if you have a big penis, you are free to beat the shit out of this girl, cheat on her, and do whatever other horrible things a man might do to a woman, and she would still rather be with you. There is no need to take her out on a date, buy her a birthday present, or even listen when she talks. Just show her your big penis and you can have whatever you want. If you have a big dick, take note of these facts and remember them when you meet a woman. If you have a small penis, do the same.

    • No she’s saying sex is very important to her. It’s not about it’s not rating his qualities against his penis she’s saying that sexual satisfaction is a large percentage of the relationship she wants to be in. It’s not about not loving him or his qualities.

  15. If you ever find yourself in this debate, do this: To test if these girls are defending her for just wanting what she wants or if they are all bad people, simply replace “he has a small dick” in the story with a different uncontrollable trait that a man could have. For example, let’s say the guy’s grandparents were an interracial couple and so the guy is 1/4 black. Replace “has a small penis” with “is 1/4 black” and see if the girls still defend it with “she just wants what she wants”.
    “I was totally in love with him, we were soul mates, until I found out he is 1/4 black”
    “I love 99.99% of him, and I thought I could get over the fact that he is 1/4 black, but I couldn’t, so I dumped him”
    and so on and so forth.
    Hey, she just wants what she wants, right?

    • Yeah but being black doesn’t change anything unless you’re racist. Wanting to be satisfied in bed doesn’t make you a bad person. You guys are acting like she should give up on her own needs or else she’s a bad person. So girls sexual needs don’t matter? That’s been the case for a long time actually. Many men have never cared if a woman gets off in bed or not. Now that these topics are being discussed more openly, you’re just getting mad that it brings this things to light. Sex matters to women just as much as it does to men. Would you stay with a woman if you couldn’t bust a nut with her? Of course you wouldn’t. And you wouldn’t feel like a bad person about it either.

    • that is stupid and narcasistic. Why only view it from mens point of view, but not womens? “If you simply replace “wanting sexual satisfaction” with…….It is just moronic dude, you clearly dogshit at debating, or watch dumbfcks who don’t really debate, but just talk to you. Beyond that, why would you want women to lie, at least if they told the truth, you would know what they like and don’t like, and go for women who likes smaller dicks? Like what exactly do you think this would ever do for guys with smaller dicks, beyond getting cheated on, because now women “can not publically say they like bigger dicks”?
      Some of this sht is beyond dumb

    • You serious? You’ve never seen the hordes of people on and off the internet who not only tolerate but *approve* of that kind of behavior because “it’s just pReFrEnCes”? Especially the men who approve of that?

  16. And then people later are like “why are women not being honest”. Fact is, if a woman does not like the size, she does not like the size, you will find out at some point in real life anyways. So I do not understand what you ultimately are trying to achieve here. If women were direct and honest, at least you would know exactly which girls you could go for, but now, all the womens who read this sht, will just keep out of this entire discussion completely

    • She did not tell him he was small and that’s why she dumped him but I have to went straight out told him and made fun of him and told him he has erectile disfunction

  17. You did the right thing. Big dicks are Superior. I’m in love with my bf but his dick is 5 inches and it doesn’t make me cum easily….I worry about our sexual chemistry because it’s not like other people I’ve been with. I know he treats me amazing so I’m torn on what to do

  18. If we could watch our language please. Anger and hate make people miss our very valid message about the shame and ABUSE we suffer.

    As someone who is above average, but has been repeatedly shamed or abused by women about not being big/as big as they’re used to, laughed at for my very small flaccid size / being a “grower”, and subjected by society to daily ridicule about being small (above average is irrelevant, when it’s smaller than everyone seems to sleep with, and your flaccid size is small, so all the daily small/big dick jokes cut me to the bone), this shit is awful to read.

    If I so much as said a woman’s fart stank I’d be a body-shaming jerk, but body shaming of men is not only tolerated but celebrated and encouraged and is stated or heavily implied in everything from Marvel movies, to a BBQ with friends when the sausages come out, and advertising the upside on a fast food meal. I can’t even watch Netflix to escape from the world, without a 50/50 chance of the star of the show telling me I’m a piece of dirt.

    Male suicide rates are 3-4x that of women’s and I GUARANTEE a significant proportion of those dead men had their penis size, and society’s treatment of the topic, as at the very least a contributing factor.

    I am well into the top 10% statistically and *I* hate my body because of what women and society have done, and do to me daily, I guarantee a lot of men with mental health issues or considering suicide are impacted by ‘harmless’ jokes from their best friends to their face, simply because the issue is so shameful you can’t even tell your best friend about it so they can protect you.

    People always say only men care and talk about this, and men who are affected are stupid, juvenile, or invalidly insecure- I can tell you that women talk about it as much if not more than men because I’m like the safe gay friend… women act naturally around me and they bag, or brag, regularly.

  19. It was this story that made me realize it. I will never be enough. I’ve been told all my life all I need to do is get great at oral and that will make up for my small penis. I’ve been told I have everything else: Looks, height, charming personality, etc. All of those have been addressed here….. She literally said she is in love with 99.999% of him, and still dumped him. I get it. This isn’t every girl. Now every girl would have dumped Ethan, and maybe that’s what makes it even worse. I don’t want to ever be in Ethan’s situation, ever. I never want a girl who is unsatisfied with sex to be with me, and stay with me unhappy. I get everyone is roasting her, saying she’s a slut and a terrible person for dumping him. Whatever, I don’t care. Because even if she didn’t dump him, she would still be unsatisfied. I don’t want to ever drag a girl out when she isn’t satisfied, regardless of if she dumps me or not. My penis is pretty much exactly as she described Ethan’s, and it all makes sense now. I will never try. I will never be anything. I don’t wish this on anyone to be with me and have to make this choice between an unfulfilled sex life and being labeled a “whore” or “slut”. I’m going to do what I have to, and that is accept that I will never be enough. Love and sex will not happen for me, and that’s ok. Because I don’t need to be here. My family loves me and I know that, but it’s time for me to go. I don’t want to waste any more resources. Food, water, air, supplies just to keep me breathing. I’ll see my family on the other side. Or maybe in another life I will be better equipped for a normal life. But most of all, I’m glad I read this, because I know I don’t have to suffer here anymore, trying to convince myself. There truly is no hope for me and I can’t change that. It’s the way life is. The way it works. The way it ends.

    • Wow! You can’t be serious. Please don’t end your life for the size of your penis. My penis is 16 cm long and I have been with guys that think I am too small for them. Let them be. I am gay by the way. You sound like a wonderful man. I wouldn’t ever reject you for the size of your dick. I love big dicks but what turns me on really is the difference in size with my partner. So you would turn me on, definetely. Please, don’t do anything rush!.
      LOVE u dude!

      • Everything is pretty good here, except for one extremely notable delusion. The “you can’t be serious” part. Is it so bizarre to grasp how people might come to internalize clear and present disfavor, disdain, or even outright hatred for their simple existence along the lines of traits everyone who’s ever vocal about them all hold to be “undesirable”?

  20. I found my own Ethan. This man is literally my best friend. He is everything I need in a soul mate. Our relationship is so special. His dick is small. And honestly, I thought it was a lot bigger just from the way he carried himself. It’s okay that it’s not. He checks all of my other boxes. But idk if telling him, “hey your meat isn’t going to satisfy me but that’s okay. we can have fun in other ways; toys, anal (tg it’s small, oral, etc) is going to hurt him. I don’t want to hurt someone who I care so much about. He makes comments about it being small & truthfully it pisses me off. Like, we get it…. What do you want me to do? Berate you for it? There are things we can control & things we can’t & id 1000% be with someone who makes me feel this way than a big dick asshole. Pls help. I want to be honest but I don’t want to hurt him. I literally love this man.

    • Well tbh I’m in the same situation except I’m the guy in the situation lol trust me when I tell you that he knows toys are gonna get involved. Also he’s just making little jokes about his size to cope its not to piss you off by any means lol but I already know that I’m gonna have to get other things involved other than my mouth hands and dick granted I’ve been doing a good job so far without any help

    • You are a genuine sweetheart! You remind me of my girlfriend, and that is the ultimate compliment! She hasn’t been with many guys, but she’s told me I’m huge (I’m not). I am able to get her off all the time, but more importantly I’m her “Ethan”. She’s my “Ethan” too! Soul mates are harder to find than big dicks, and should be cherished.

      OP screwed up big time.

  21. For the guys in this comment section… if you met an amazing woman. Gorgeous face, perfect body, does all the domestic stuff you prefer and she caters to you. Real wifey material… but then you get in the bedroom and she’s loose af down there. To the point that you can’t finish off of just penetration- you have to finish yourself or she has to find another way for you to cum. Are you gonna stay with her forever and maybe even marry her? Or are you gonna leave (or cheat) for a tight fit? And be honest…..

  22. People are completely losing their common sense
    Toys is the answer
    Otherwise people click only because of their genitals??
    In my generation we had no such problems
    Now entitlement and no common sense

  23. I don’t think you truly loved him. And I think somewhere down the road you’ll regret your decision. When you’ve passed your sexual peak and want to be with somebody that can truly love you for who you are… Then you’ll be comparing all of your former lovers to him and how perfect he was.

  24. Who do women want to put plastic in their boobs, but they cannot accept using a penis sheet, which is widely available? Makes no sense to me.
    I kind of don’t like the tone you have, calling his penis pathetic and 2 inches (come on!). That is shaming him for something he cannot help. Like shaming a woman because her tits are ugly (which is 75% of women, to be honest) or shaming someone for having a deformed arm.
    Not good behavior at all.
    It’s your life, so it’s your choice. But it’s a nasty tone to use those words which shows what you really feel about it, and how you are as a person.

  25. Hello, it seems you may be confused on what real love is. Love is when you have such strong feelings for someone you’d give up anything to be with them including the desire for a decent sized dick. It doesn’t matter if they went to war for you and got their whole penis blower off, you’ll still stay with them because you love them for their soul, not their body, mind, or even personality. When two souls truly love each other they’d sacrifice any desire needed to be with that person, hope this helps… I’m sorry to inform you about your confusion, it’s very unfortunate. To think you have found true love and that it was nothing more than liking the guy. Actually if you like him that much I’d suggest trying to stay friend with him, he seems awesome and I’m sure he’d like that. I’d just explain to your future boyfriend your situation with him, that is that you are not sexually attracted to him. Theres no judgement here, it’s just I feel bad for your confusion about true love is causing a lot more pain in your life.

  26. I had same experience perfect guy very tall dark and handsome beautiful heart I felt like I knew him forever we just clicked until his clicker wast clicking his penis was so small i did not feel it it turned me off he tried filling for his small penis using his hands but for me it was turn off i had to stop it he knew something was off and told me you probably wouldn’t want to see me again. I hurt his feelings when I told his his penis is small for such tall guy how is that even possible ?😂i made fun of him telling him he had sexual distinction 😂😂and that’s why he is unmarried nor has kids😂😂he never spoke with me again i felt bad for saying that and I still feel bad I can’t forgive myself.

    • Thats why you will die without knowing true love, you are not wrong about for looking what makes you feel better or satisfies you, but you are definitely a bad person for making fun of someone for something they can’t even control.
      Karma will get you and mame you pay for being such a horrible person.

  27. People stop bashing each other!
    Ok this poor fella can’t do anything about his size – still it is quite normal to want to have a fulfilling sexlife, isn’t it?

    Well even if a man can make a woman come from oral, many women still have that desire/need to feel taken and deeply filled! It’s not his fault nor hers.
    Yes she can stay with him but she will feel the void for the rest of her life and she chooses to leave and that is OK!!

    Imagine, you as a man only get to have BJ and never penetration (o hear you he penetrated he but she doesn’t feel a thing – so it’s equal to no penetration)
    How would you feel at the end of the day if you never could penetrate your partner? Awfull I guess!

    Yes the size of a penis IS important to sexual satisfaction!!!

  28. Its just really sad, you spend what an hour or two a week having sex. what a shame, but he will go onto meet the best girl and have a life long journey of joy and love, you will end up with a guy with a big dick

    Thats Sad, its GODs way of getting rid of the shity women

  29. Now if a man was on here and said that he dumped the perfect woman for having too small of tits, all the women would be on here calling him a pig. And they would be right. This chick is a bitch and deserves to be nothing more than a baby maker to a big dick wife beater. He’s a piece of shit, but that .00001% of him is great

  30. I’ve been in a situation similar to the OP before. I didn’t dump him because of his small penis, though. I loved him for who he was. It was his mental state BECAUSE of his size. He was teased during junior high/high school by other boys during PE classes and showering back in the day. No privacy area- that kind of thing. He absolutely refused to get therapy for how he felt. I really tried to be with him, but it was really wearing my spirit down. Anything positive that I would say, he would tear it (and me) down. He hid how he was as a person until we really started dating. I felt like it was my responsibility to “fix him.” I could not. He had so much emotional damage that was way more than his size. i gave him the names of therapists–he refused to talk about it. After a while, I felt exhausted and broke up with him. He tried to get back with me (after breaking up 10 years ago!) knowing he would not get help. I had to keep boundaries and say no. I cut off all ties to him. He was so full of hate and hurt that I was unable to do anything. He keeps that memory of being taunted as a preteen/teen. I wish him some form of happiness.

  31. Here’s the deal. There are tons of false analogies being made here involving a woman’s breast size or race or what have you. Here is the apples to apples comparison that I would ask of you guys that are having a cow:
    *How would you feel if you were dating a woman who had a vagina that was so loose that when you had penetrative sex with her you couldn’t feel anything? •
    That is the female equivalent of the male small dick. That is the question to ask yourself.
    I am sure some women honestly don’t care about penis size and those women are the women for men with small dicks. Other women require average to above average and they are perfectly entitled to require that. This isn’t anything anybody needs to lose their minds over. It is what it is.

  32. I see the ones in here mad got small ones you can’t be mad at her cause she want more. He not satisfying her she’s not feeling anything it makes no sense for her to lay their fake moaning it just a waste of time ..So I hope she finds the size she wants..let them be mad..Can’t Feel anything..Just Terrible lol

  33. I am so sorry sweetheart that really sucks! ignore all those idiots in the comments that think life is so simple to meet their all high and might morals and Disney fairy tale love stories they think life is. People are complex like a puzzle piece that constantly changes over time. Sometimes two pieces fit perfectly but it will never last because both pieces are constantly changing through out their life and there is nothing wrong with that its just what it means to be human.

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