I Got Kicked Out Of My Sorority Part 2 (Because I Showed Too Much Cleavage)

A while ago I asked TSM Instagram followers why they got in trouble with(or why they dropped/ were kicked out of) their sorority. There were so many crazy answers that I wrote a blog… here is part 2!

“Because I’m pro vaccine”

“Another girl puked on me in the pledge ride & we both got in trouble”

“Wearing earrings that said “bitch””

“J boarded because I had an upset look on my face during recruitment…my dad was sick”

“A Freshman girl had a crush on my ex and I needed their approval to get together with him.”

“I put sticky boobs on my butt and someone put it on their snap story. I was guilty and penalized.”

“Attending an even with a Red Bull event and my president thought it was a beer can.”

“I looked drunk in a picture. Without any proof, they put me on Jboard.”

“Because my sister posted a video of her drinking in my car…. I got sent to standards.”

“I had a guy take me by the house to drunk pee after a party and he came inside.”

“We had a whole sorority meeting about which guys are claimed and who we can talk to.”

“A girl was angry her little wanted me as a big instead of her, so she said I sold drugs.”

“Got fined for not using heat on my naturally curly hair.”

“I showed too much cleavage on my snapchat story – I was wearing a low v neck w/ DDs”

Written by Sofía Viagra

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