IT Girls As Your Sorority Officers

Chapter President –  Torrance Shipman from Bring It On

She wants whats best for the whole team. Torrance gave her heart and soul to her squad and she would do the same for your sorority chapter. Not only that, she is super nice, pretty and popular. She’s popular, but not from trying. She naturally attracts people. She dates the most popular boy, but she would leave him easily if he disrespected her. She’s nice to everyone, even freshmen. That’s why the chapter voted for her to be president. They admire her.

Treasurer – Veronica Mars

She is a hard ass. She will hunt you down for your dues. It’s hard to hate her though, because she’s so cool. She’s the girl who is too cool to be in a sorority, but for some reason she is in one, which only makes her even cooler. Most likely she’s a sister because it looks good on a resume and she’s an overachiever. At first, she’s tough, but when you tell her you are struggling to pay dues, she lets you pay late and helps you get a scholarship. She’s kind of like a Sour Patch Kid. First she’s sour, then she’s sweet

Secretary – Elle woods

She always shows up dressed for business. She is organized. She is an overachiever. Everything is color coordinated, alphabetized, and aesthetically pleasing. Somehow, she even has the time and motivation to help other’s with their tasks and responsibilities.

Recruitment Chair – Cher from Clueless

All the pledges are obsessed with Cher. Her outfits are on point. She has the perfect amount of narcissism, where it is entertaining and funny, without getting in the way too much. She is mean enough to tell it like it is, and not let girls in. Harsh. However, she sugar coats bad news and spins it in a positive way. Recruitment is rough. You have to spend hours together, but Cher is a delight to be around. She’s always in a good mood and she uses her Dad’s credit card to Uber Eats Starbucks for the whole recruitment team every morning. She coordinates all the recruitment outfits and makes all the pledges feel welcome, even if they don’t get in.

House Mother – Rachel from friends

Although she’s kinda a mess, Rachel is the perfect House Mother. Her honesty and authenticity help her connect with all the pledges. She is super sweet. All the pledges love asking her for help, because she is never rude and always makes time for them. She also is SUCH an IT girl. The outfits, the hair, always looking snatched, and always willing to help you style your outfit.

Advisor – Regina George from Mean Girls

She is more than happy to ruin your life. You want to be her…. but you also want to kill her. Do not get on her bad side or she will J Board you in a heart beat. All the girls suck up to her when she’s around. But as soon as she leaves, your sisters will talk mad shit about her.

The It girl pledge – Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

She doesn’t even know how cool she is. She is super authentic and refreshing amongst girls who are trying so hard to impress everyone. She is a good friend. She doesn’t stress about what she’s going to wear to events and most likely, she is going to borrow your dress from last year, and then washes them after, because she’s so thoughtful. Turns out, you end up borrowing her clothes too because she has cool vintage bellbottoms her mom gave her. Guys like her, so most likely if you’re friends with her, you will get to go to some cool frat parties. She is a total bitch to her mom and has terrible taste in men. Everyone has their short comings. However, her bad taste in men will keep you and her from falling for the same guy, unless you also have bad taste. If that were to happen, let her have him, he’s trash.

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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