Rating College Party Themes

White Lie (Rate: 9.2)

Concept: Everyone wears a white T-Shirt. On the front of the t-shirt; each person writes their own “white lie” about themselves. Some people write their friends white lies for them, but I don’t recommend doing that. Feelings will get hurt before you even get there.


-Casual and easy party theme

-Great conversation starter

-You get to know a little fact about each person there

-People get creative


-Because of TikTok, a lot of people have been doing this lately

-Possibility of over sharing & scaring off people you don’t know

Cuff & Chug (Rate: 6.3)

Concept: Everyone at the party is paired up with a partner of the opposite sex, then each pair are hand-cuffed to eachother. You cannot be unhandcuffed until you both finish what you are drinking, typically a fifth of hard alc. 


-Great way to get to know someone

-Fast way to get drunk

-Majority of the people there are all evenly drunk


-You might not like your other halves drink of choice

-It literally sucks if you get paired with a shitty partner

-Can be brutal if the other person drinks significantly less than you.

Hawaiian (Rate: 5.9)

Concept: A Hawaiian vacation in a frat basement.


-Can be funny and dress like a tourist or cute and dress like a hula dancer

-Debatable good pictures

-The red punch is worth drinking at this type of theme

-Funnel out of a flamingo


-Over done

-The same theme you got your first kiss at in 6th grade

-Coconut bras have literally no support on our tatas

-26% of all the brothers don’t take off their sunglasses all night

-The one guy that wears a coconut bra and thinks he’s the Last Comic Standing

-It never feels like you’re on a resort in Maui, it’s always 2 prop palm trees the frats had in storage since 2009

Fake Wedding (Rate: Solid 10)

Concept: Everything that goes into a real wedding, but with your college friends. The group nominates two people to be the “bride” and “groom;” from there, they decide who will be their “bridesmaids” and “groomsmen.” On Top of that, the group has to decide on a “flower girl,” “ring bearer,” as well as the person who “officiates the wedding.” Typically, there’s a bachelorette/bachelor party prior to the fake wedding. The fake wedding is played out just like a real wedding, and everyone dresses accordingly


-All around great time

-Feels like a real wedding without having to pay real money

-Everyone you hope is at your real wedding is there

-All weekend event

-Non-stop drink fest



Decade (Rate: 8.1)

Concept: Either everyone dresses as a different decade, or the theme is a specific decade.


-You get to wear the clothes you usually don’t feel comfortable wearing

-Insta Candids

-Can dress cute or funny

-Music set to the decade makes the party feel a little like a time machine


-People don’t always do their research and wear the wrong decade clothes

-If it’s 80’s theme, there’s too many guys dressed as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and even more girls dressed in neon workout gear

Dye Tourney (Rate: 6.2)

Concept: Dye is a game in which two teams are at opposite ends of a table with their cups of beer in front of them, tossing a dye. The object is to bounce the dye off the table so the other team doesn’t catch it, or “sink” it into the opponent’s cup. These tournaments usually last all day. Click here to see the game.


-Respectable game

-Might see that kid who ghosted you eat shit

-More fun to watch than pong


-Sausage Fest

-If girls do come, they are strictly spectators 

-Goes all day

-“Dye is life”

ABC- Anything But Clothes (Rate 7.2)

Concept: Pretty self explanatory, everyone is required to wear an outfit that does not involve clothing. You can wear literally anything but clothes.


-People get creative

-Instagram-able Event

-It’s fun for the first hour


-Dated party theme

-No one keeps their outfit on all night

-It’s only fun for the first hour

-Outdated party theme

Holiday (Rate: 8.9)

Concept: Everyone comes dressed as a different holiday.


-Funny idea

-Not over done

-Of course there will be great picture opportunities


-For some reason everyone picks Christmas and 4th of July

-You might not be able to find accessories for your holiday during that time of year

Cocktail Competition (Rate: 9.6)

Concept: In light of miss Rona and TikTok, this little soirée has been very popular lately because you can throw it together with just the people in your “bubble.” Basically, everyone in attendance comes up with a drink of their choosing, but keeps it a secret until it’s time to drink. Throughout the night, each person takes turns serving their signature drink typically dressed in an aesthetic that goes along with their drink. To make it interesting, there’s a scoreboard and everyone rates each drink. At the end, everyone drunkenly adds up the scores and declares a winner.


-Great idea for a girls night in

-Fun to post each round

-People get really creative

-You find out which of your friends is the best mixologist


-Not everyone is a good bartender

-Mixing different drinks leads to a tough hangover

Ugly Sweater (Rate: 4.9)

Concept: Around the holidays, everyone wears an ugly sweater to the function.




-For some reason makes you want to drink more jungle juice than usual


-Heavy sweaters + hot frat basement; don’t mix

-Over done, but a must in December

-There hasn’t been an ugly sweater that actually makes you laugh since 2016

Wig Out (Rate: 7.6)

Concept: Everyone at the party wears a wig.


-Wigs are funny

-Wigs make for a good post

-Wigs dress up an outfit

-Wigs can give you a new persona


-Wigs are only funny for like 15 minutes

-It’s kinda getting old

-Everything about the party is the same as the one the night before, except…everyone has a different hair color.

Rave (Rate: 7.2)

Concept: Everyone wears neon. There is usually some type of UV light and glowsticks. There’s always one guy wearing a construction vest.


-Pic worthy

-Can wear comfy clothes

-Music is usually good


-Over done

-You feel like you’re at a middle school dance

-For some reason, when this type of party is hosted in a frat house basement it is 30 times sweatier than usual

Edward 40 Hands (Rate: 8.2)

Concept: Each person has two 40’s. Those 40’s are then tapped to each of their hands. The 40s cannot be removed until the person finishes each of them. 


-Always good for a laugh

-40’s are cheap

-Can be played casually or as a contest


-Two 40’s only equals 5 beers

-Hard to pee

-Can’t use phone

Toga Party / Gods & Goddesses (Rate: 2.4)

Concept: Wear a fucking piece of cloth around your body for a night and call it a toga. 


-At least the party is themed


-The most outdated party theme

-The most overrated party theme

-Where do you find a sheet that isn’t on your bed to wear within the next hour?

-No one ever looks good in a toga

-It’s 2021 NOT 1981

Beer Olympics (Rate: 8.9)

Concept: The Olympics but with average, less athletic, alcoholic participants. This is a pretty universal party theme, but basically all of your friends pick teams and each team is designated a specific country. Each “country” then goes head to head in a variety of drinking games. 


-All around great time

-Everyone gets leg-less

-The games keep everyone entertained throughout the binge drinking day


-A one and done type of get together, not a theme that you can do over and over

-Has to be nice out 

-Can’t be played without a large group of friends

Jungle (Rate: 5.7)

Concept: Everyone dresses for the Jungle theme, this includes but is not limited to: cavemen, tigers, cheetahs, and zebras


-It’s the only reason you still keep that ugly cheetah print top

-Outfit could be story worthy, but usually it doesn’t meet the requirements for a grid post


-You’re dressed like a damsel in distress all night

-If you want to party hop, you’re literally in a cheetah costume

-Frat guys are 14% creepier when dressed as cavemen  

Kentucky Derby (Rate: 7.9)

Concept: On the day of the Kentucky Derby, which is usually one of the first nice days out in spring, everyone dresses to the nines to take part in a high society day drink. 


-Classic theme for pictures

-Could even toss the pics on your once a year updated Facebook to make grandma proud. (Your moms friends will think that’s how you dress at school)

-Don’t have to actually watch the Derby

-You can wear a silly little floppy and outrageous hat


-You might ruin the only nice dress you brought to school.

-The guy your talking to might bet against the winning horse and be in a mood the rest of the day

-Nausea may arise due to the sea of Lily Pulitzer

Blackout (Rate: 7.8)

Concept: Two rules for this party, wear black and blackout.


-Wear whatever you want, as long as it’s black

-Stand out and wear white

-These parties succeed in their mission to get you blacked out

-Private school nostalgia with everyone wearing the same thing


-Private school nostalgia with everyone wearing the same thing

ABC – Anything But Cup (Rate: 8.2)

Concept: “Anything But Clothes” party, but for drinkware. No one is allowed to drink out of a bottle, can, or household cup. You must bring your own container to drink out of. 



-Funny Snapchats

-Casual party theme


-Theme lasts an hour

-People switch out their containers

-There’s always one girl who goes around calling people out for switching back to cans while thinking it’s a good flirting tactic

Pajama Party (Rate: 7.7)

Concept: Everyone simply wears pajamas.


-You can wear lingerie

-Prime time to match with your girls

-You’re comfy all night

-Can blackout and go right to bed in your outfit


Guys idea of pajamas is not as hot as girls

-Chance you ruin your only matching pair of pjs

-There’s always that one dude who wears his Hugh Hefner robe from Halloween

Office Hoes and CEOs (Rate: 5.0)

Concept: This is a themed party; guys wear their finest clothes insinuating they are the CEOs, and girls typically wear skirts, a bra, and for some reason glasses.


-Girls get another chance to dress the way we like to for Halloween

-Good time to have a conversation with the fellas there to remind them that they’re all a bunch of morons

-Instagram-able occasion (unless your mom follows you)



-Really don’t think you can get away with this theme in 2021

Meme (Rate: 8.4)

Concept: Everyone comes dressed as a meme.


-Everyone’s dressed as a funny internet joke

-Great conversation starter

-Solid for social posts

-Out of the box theme idea


-People might not know what meme you’re dressed as

-Hard to come up with a good outfit idea

-Some people might not participate

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...


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    • Is that EVERY bro as Abe? And every girl as a soldier? Or can they be old southern belle? Just seems a bit tough to pull of honestly… I’m partial to the mermaid one. But what about:
      Rockstar bros/groupie hoes
      CEOs/cheating secretary hoes
      Southern bros/Cali hoes
      Pimp Bros/ Hoe Hoes
      Santa Bros/ Ho ho Hoes

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