Reasons Our Boss Should Fly Us to Ft. Laudy

My boss, Dallas, is a great guy. He’s funny, smart, handsome, super great, and perfect. Also, he should fly Alyssa, Grace, and I to Fort Lauderdale so we can party for a week. Did I mention he’s perfect?

Alyssa, Grace, and I all write for TSM, and the three of us are basically the same person. We’ve been wanting to take a trip together for weeks because we talk constantly but none of us have actually met. How insane is that?! We’re coworkers! We should’ve already blacked out together. Obviously, this is a huge issue that needs addressed immediately. In Fort Lauderdale. 

Originally it was Miami, but we changed it to Fort Laudy. Last time I was there, my life expectancy definitely decreased by at least 10 years. Which is fine. Let’s make it 20.

Ever since we had this idea, I’ve been terrorizing our bosses about it every chance I get. Any time I think about it, I bring it up and make it everyone’s problem until someone replies to me. 

Look, I get it: The three of us on a trip together is a terrifying concept for everyone involved. Honestly, this is our way of taking one for the team to give the people what they want. Which is why I need you guys to cyberbully all of our bosses until they let us.

I’m ready for my flight to be booked and to start online shopping. I just need him to finally give us the green light, so we all need to come together and beg my boss, Dallas, together. If you happen to find him on any social media platform, don’t be shy, send him a message! Or 300! 

Benefits of our boss flying us to Florida:

  1. We’d be in a Spring Break city and it would be great content
  2. The three of us meeting in person would make us best friends, making us an even stronger (and more obnoxious) team
  3. It’s impossible to leave Fort Lauderdale without going through 12 different life changing experiences, giving us endless stories to turn into blogs
  4. We will be really nice to him and work even harder for the rest of our lives
  5. We promise to film everything and have endless content forever
  6. The three of us would get really cute pictures together which is what my Instagram is missing
  7. ^ I just feel like that one needed to be emphasized again
  8. We would invite Dallas to party with us
  9. Please

Anyways, here’s my pitch. This goes without saying, but it’s obvious that this trip is a win-win for everyone involved. You can’t argue with the facts, Dallas. See you in Laudy!!!! (Please).

Written by Becca Moore

Becca Moore graduated from Ohio University in May but will probably be stuck in college for the rest of her life. She has the bad habit of using Tik Tok to publicly rate every guy she’s ever met and loves helping girls expose their shady boyfriends. Her favorite hobby is trying to bring up Greek life in any and every conversation she can.

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