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So I Was Like… Well He Cheated

Episode 2 of So I Was Like just dropped. (To listen on Apple click here, Spotify click here, and to watch it on YouTube click here.)

This episode really forced me to take a trip down memory lane, as we talk about cheating. A huge, integral part of every relationship I’ve ever been in. There are three sides to this: The Cheated On, The Cheated With, and The Cheater. 

Not many people would admit this, but I have been on every side of the  trifecta. And they all made me feel like shit. I’ll give you a brief summary. 

The Cheated On: 

This is the one you hear about the most because it’s extremely easy for the victim to tell the story and look completely innocent. Trust me, I would know, just check my twitter account. But where is the line drawn? Well, we talk about that in this weeks episode. Some may say at sex, some may say at an emotional connection, some may say it’s drawn at buying another girl drinks at the bar. 

The Cheated With:

No one wants to admit that they were the person they were cheated with EVER. Most people assume that the person who was cheated with is just as bad, if not worse, than the cheater. But in reality, the cheated with is usually being manipulated just as hard as the girl that’s being cheated on. 

The Cheater:

It’s no secret I’ve cheated before. I’ve had a myriad of reasons, most of them don’t make it right. I could give them all to you right now, but that would make this a novel. Go listen to So I Was Like to hear about the shirtless mirror selfie that sent me into a frenzy of temptation. 

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Written by Alyssa Schoener

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