Sorority Trends 2010’s vs. Now:

Sororities as a whole, are a culture of their own. Similar to pop culture, there are different types of trends and things that fade in and out in sorority culture. 

In the 2010’s era of sorority culture, there were many fads…some were good, some were bad and some were just straight up cringe-worthy. Although it wasn’t all that long ago, many of these deserve a precautionary expired sticker.

Before I offend any of our Millennial readers, I will say you ladies did pave the way for the rest of us. A lot of what you wore and what you did is still mimicked today by Gen-Z. The same way your trends fell out of style, ours will too. There are plenty of trends going around now that I’m sure we’ll feel the same way about in the future. With that being said, it’s funny to take a look back on what we used to appreciate in the past but can’t help but laugh at now.

So I thought it would be funny to compare some 2010’s trends with the ones that are popular today:

Malibu Sunglasses vs. Cat Eye Sun Glasses

In the 2010’s era, quite literally everyone had a pair of colorful Malibu sunglasses. Much like today’s Cat Eye Sunglasses, they were a themed party outfit MUST.

Recruitment Videos Then vs. Now



It’s almost not fair to compare the earliest recruitment videos with the ones we know today…for a few reasons. 1) The 2010’s sorority gals literally started the movement. 2) The way cameras and influencer culture have evolved makes there’s look like they put little to no effort into it, which is obviously not the case.

Throughout the years, these videos have gone from a friendly and familiar video to a full blown Hollywood production movie trailer.

Lilly Pulitzer vs Princess Polly

I can’t help but wonder if Lilly Pulitzer is set for life with her sales in the 2010’s or if she desperately longs for this style to make a comeback. Regardless, fashion brands seem to always come and go with time. But, the general idea of these cutsie sorority looks will always remain.

Tailgate Fashion Then vs. Now

I will say, the ladies of the 2010’s started the fashion culture that is revolved around tailgates. They had just missed the 2000’s era of frumpy t-shirts and jerseys, and started a dress-up movement. Both 2010’s and current sisters strive to look unique at tailgates but some how always end up looking the same.

Wedges vs. Booties

I’m sure by the end of the year, the white booties will already be out of fashion, which wasn’t exactly the case for the 2010’s Charlotte Russe wedges. These wedges were a “going-out outfit” staple, and just recently became obsolete.

Instagram Fliters vs. VSCO Filters

Again, they couldn’t help it…VSCO wasn’t out yet and Instagram was still relatively casual at the time. They didn’t have to stress whether or not their latest post messed up their Instagram theme feed or not. There was just one dilemma these ladies voiced when it came to Instagram: “I don’t know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia. I want to look tan

Honestly, I think we take our Instagrams waaaaay too serious lately, but by no means should we ever go back to using Instagram filters.

Bubble Bib Necklaces vs. Simple Layered Chains

Another mandatory accessory when it came to being a 2010’s sister was the Bubble Bib Necklace. A less casual piece of jewelry compared to our everyday chains but it added that little pop of color to a plain little dress.

Neon vs. Space Cowboy

These two themes have exactly the same amount of energy and I’m so here for it. Neon themes were so in at the time, that you would’ve thought it was the 80’s. Neon hat, neon fanny pack, couple glow sticks and these gals were ready to party.

Sperry’s vs. Airforce 1’s

Sperry’s were in for a hot minute, much like Air Force 1’s. Both were / are the go-to shoe of each generation.

Four Loko vs. White Claw

Sometimes I can’t remember a time before Spiked Selzers and I find myself asking what did people have before that tasted good and got the job done. Well, that my friends was what a Four Loko was made for. I’m honestly trying to start a movement to bring back Four Lokos. Like seriously, they taste…fine, they’re like $4 each, and they’re 12%. #BringBackLoko

Makeup Then vs. Now

Similar to fashion trends, make up trends also come and go each decade. In the last year or so, we’ve shifted from heavy contour and deep colors, to a more natural and glowing look. We’ve switched from lip kits to lip gloss and sparkly nails to print.

To wrap things up, I just want to make things very clear that no where in here did I mention side parts or middle parts, you’re welcome.

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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