The 6 Types of Instagram DMs A Girl Gets

1 – The Internet Friend’s

The best DM. Someone who “just came across your account” and wanted to tell you how much they “love your content.” These people are so kind and make embarrassing yourself on the internet almost worth it.

2 – Influencer Scamming China Companies

“hey, babe we love your ViBe! We’d love to give you a discount on our ~luxury~ sweatpants line.” These messages come from some companies in China that… might be real? They have tons of followers and 30 likes on their pictures. These are traps for girls who are DYING to be influencers. Influencing is a real job with real money. Those girls make bank and work their asses off. I have a friend whose running price for an Instagram post is 1.5k. These companies are scams for the desperate who are willing to post an ad for free merch or worst… a discount.

3 – The Guy Who Responds to All Your Stories

Maybe you matched on Hinge and forgot to message him back. Maybe he’s some guy from high school you don’t have the heart to unfollow. He’s not creepy or threatening, but you wouldn’t notice if he stopped sending responses to every mirror selfie on your story.

4 – Dis You?

Someone sends you a photo of some ad or celebrity that looks vaguely like you. Like… barley like you. Like not even really like you at all. Just someone with the same hair and skin color.

5 – The Creepy DM

This is beyond a normal DM. Usually, they ask you to send pictures of your feet. They send photos of themselves. They leave uncomfortable comments on your pictures. They will not stop until you block them.

6 – The group chat

The DM chat with your friends. You’re either sending memes or you’re sending your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s post. Either way, it’s the first thing I check.

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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