Thoughts By A Thot – Women Share Advice On Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is confusing. We all want to have the skin of a two-month baby, but we don’t want to look weird, or try too hard, have people judge us, not be ~natural~ or pay out the ass for it.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any work done, so I’m not qualified to give advice. But I know a lot of friends, who are happy with their results. I’ve thought about getting work done, so this article is really for my own research. I hate that people are rude about getting work done. It’s your body. If you don’t like something, what’s wrong with changing it? Also, ALL WOMEN ARE HOT.

I asked questions on the TSM Instagram, and here is what our followers said….

67% of followers who answered said they don’t plan on getting work done 

58% of followers answered celebrities should be transparent about any work they’ve had done

1705 followers want to get their lips done

2208 followers want to get their nose done

3139 followers want to get their boobs done

5277 followers want to get filler or botox done

Best transformation: Blake Lively, Bella Hadid, Megan Fox

Worst transformation: Heidi Montag, Courtney Cox, Aubrey O’Day

People were conflicted about Khloe and Kylie’s transformation

Here is advice TSM followers shared about their experience…


“Go to RealSelf. Clients give their ratings and recovery stories.”

“Get consultations from two doctors to compare”

“Go to a female surgeon” 

“Get a doctor who is real with you”

“Board-certified surgeons only”

“Pay attention to reviews”

“Don’t do Groupons”

“Make sure the work is consistent and flattering on different frames”


“Do more during the procedure instead of waiting. Saves on anesthesia fees.”

“Don’t be stingy with cost. You get what you pay for.”

“Get a care credit card 0% interest for a year!”

Post Surgery

“Follow post up instructions”

“Understand there is nerve damage. Some nerves don’t come back.”

“It will make you feel comfortable in your body!”

“Take time for recovery”

“Have a mourning phase for the changes you made in your body” 

“Consider Scares”

Nose Job Advice

“Life-changing in a good way. Surgeons usually use the gold”

“Research I got a closed incision, but wish I had gotten an open one.”

“Humidifier for post rhinoplasty recovery is a game-changer”

Boob Job

“Do it. Doesn’t hurt and made me so so so confident.”

“Always pick the under boob scare, nipples are tricky.”

“Take a week off work”

“Make sure your doctor is used to your frame”

Breast Reduction

“Get that breast reduction you’ve been thinking about.”

“Breast reductions are amazing, but very painful.”


“My lip filler cost 900 and it lasted for three months” 

“Everyone gets them. Don’t lie or feel weird about it.”

“Be clear about what you want.”

“No one’s opinion matters but you and the surgeon.”

“Don’t tell anyone before they will try to talk you out of it.”


“Botox doesn’t mean frozen. Find a good injector.”

“Go subtle, embrace your age”

“It’s preventative, get it!”

“Get the full syringe, not 1/2. After the swelling, you will love it.”

I found this very educational. You are all beautiful. Love you bbs.

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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