Villains Who Deserve Justice

Movies and Television always choose our protagonist for us. Without choice, we are shown one character’s point of view and are expected to agree with it. Most of the time, I oblige. However, every once in a while, I can’t ignore that the villain of the show is way more charismatic. Whether it is because the lead’s annoying and obnoxious, or because the villain is funny and fierce, here is a list of so-called “villains” who stole the show.


The most underrated villain of all time. Shego is a bad bitch. She’s so hot, her hand turns into some sort of green goo that melts shit. I would’ve killed for an origin story about this queen. How did she get like this? Why does she hate a preppy teenager named Kim Possible? How does she look so snatched 24/7.

GF from Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan)

I don’t even remember this chick’s name. I just was obsessed with her as a kid. Her style was amazing. Her body was incredible. What is so wrong with a young queen finding a hot zaddy with a pool??? She is absolute goals. Stunning. Chef’s kiss.

Cruella De Vil

There is a reason she now has her own live-action movie. She truly did the unforgivable. Killed puppies to make COATS! Yet, in the age of 2021, where we have zero tolerance for animal cruelty, we give her a movie starring Emma Stone. Why? Because although she is evil, she served looks. In a cartoon full of boring characters, she was dressed to the nines. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her. It’s a hundred degrees outside? Still wearing the fur coat. Kinda a girl boss to be honest.


This one is easy. First off, Gabriella is a whinny bitch. Two, Sharpay’s only sin (besides maybe a little incest) is that she goes after what she wants unapologetically. I didn’t agree with all her choices, however, why should Gabriella waltz in and get the lead in every show when Sharpay is put in the hard work, dedication and time??? Sharpay was also hilarious. Always had the best lines and songs. Not to mention, Sharpay had the best closet. The pop to the top blue dress! I would’ve killed for that white tankini in middle school.


The joker showed up in a full-beat face. Serving looks. Giving a killer backstory. Freaking everyone out. Absolutely committing to the bit. Stealing the show. He is a show-stopper. Every scene he steals. This one is obvious. Go off King.

Miranda Priestly

Yes, she was an insane boss. But when you have worked that hard to be the Anna Wintor of the world, you can be a little bitchy.

Sue Slyvester

My absolute favorite. Sue would steal every scene with just a facial reaction. I loved it when she insulted her students. I loved when she threw things. She is a villain I stan.

That’s it. Make the leads more interesting. Give me more villain movies. Justice for these queens.

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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