We Went To Laudy, The Boys Went Somewhere….

If you put a gun to my head and asked me to point to Scranton, Pennsylvania on a map, I would tell my family I love them. 

I have no idea where it is or what goes on there. And after watching the video of the guys interviewing people who live there, I realized there’s a whole new demographic of people I feel really, really bad for. And that’s people who live in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

But do you wanna know who I don’t feel bad for? Myself. 

Becca convinced our bosses to send her, Grace, and I to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. That’s where I met Seth Rogan. Just kidding. It wasn’t actually Seth Rogan but he does definitely resemble Seth. 

While the boys were busy interviewing students who wish they could go outdoors and do more activities, Seth was taking molly and going to strip clubs, contemplating if he should pay the strippers $500 to have sex with him. 

While the students at Scranton were standing outside in winter coats with masks on, Seth was kindly telling his friends, “say please before you hit my vape motherfucker.” 

I want that phrase tattooed on my forehead. 

Seth goes on to tell us about his spring break where he fucked “three solid girls.” He’d prefer to not count the other two for extremely shallow reasons. Aka, he thought they were ugly.  

Anyway, being hot and annoying on the internet absolutely always pays off because I got to go to Laudy and be absolutely insufferable in every vlog I recorded. Head to the YouTube to check it out. 

Written by Alyssa Schoener

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