Who Is The Hottest NBA Player?

Last night was game 4 of the NBA Finals, and with that, the NBA season is quickly coming to an end. At Bonus Finder, they ran a survey asking 15,000 fans who they thought were the most attractive NBA players. They broke down every NBA team and created a 10 point scoring system to rank every player.

Look at Kevin Love being tied for 1st. When LeBron was screaming at him in Cleveland, he was going out after and killing it. It’s no surprise that Kelly Oubre Jr is tied for first. That man has more fan accounts than anybody, even though he’s not that good of a basketball player. I don’t know if it’s all the tattoos or what, but women love him.

Coming in 3rd place is Raul Neto, a player who hardcore NBA fans barely know. The Brazilian Stallion and his good look were in hot water earlier this year after a woman on Tik Tok exposed his DM’s while he was in a relationship. You rank 3rd as the most attractive NBA player, and of course, people are sliding into your DM’s.

With the Bucks and Suns, we have 5 players left playing who are the top 27 hottest players. Chris Paul, Abdel Nader, Pat Connaughton, E’twaun Moore, and Thanasis Antetokounmpo. Thanasis’s older brother Giannis who is the better player and more popular, doesn’t crack the top 27.

Is there a NBA player that you’re surprised isn’t on this list?

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