WTF Is Sports Betting?

Apparently TFM is now partnered with Caesars, BetMGM, & PointsBet. I think that’s what they are called but honestly, I’m pretty clueless to the whole scene. 

The closest I’ve ever been to sports betting is when my ex bf used to steal my money and then scream at a television? Completely lost as to what any of that meant, by the way. Not really sure where in the timeline of my relationship this fell, but it was either before or after he used to steal my money to tip cam girls. (For the record, I genuinely appreciated him supporting sex workers, I just wished he used his own money for it.) 

Since then, the concept of sports betting has been completely eliminated from my brain. Like, I blocked out the trauma. 

Until last Thursday when my boss said those extremely triggering words. He said sports betting, and the room started spinning. Like the Spongebob meme of Mr. Crabs. 

He tried to explain it to me, but my mind was somewhere else. I was brought back to my ex bf’s apartment that smelled like weed, beer, and piss. My boss was saying a bunch of things, but I could only hear screams about baseball or whatever. 

Anyway, now that I’ve lived through my trauma again for the greater good of the company (you’re welcome btw), I’m going to blindly give y’all the best Super Bowl offers… 

Okay so try to stick with me here. I know it’s hard to be on my level of sports betting knowledge. It takes a lot of effort to know this little actually. Honestly, I am already bored writing this…so why don’t y’all just click this link and learn more than I could ever tell you.

Written by Alyssa Schoener

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