Reasons Why Nick Should Date Becca

In this week’s episode of So I Was Like, we sat down with Vine star Nick Hall and I made things really awkward between him and Becca.

You see, as most of you know, Becca LOVES DMing guys. It’s her favorite pastime. But honestly, Nick (one of her victims) didn’t seem too interested when she slid in over a year ago on multiple platforms. 

Nick, if you’re reading this, here are reasons why you should date Becca.

  1. She’s funny. Like so funny.
  2. She’s blonde. I know you said you like brunettes, but Becca is a fake blonde, so she’s technically a brunette at heart. 
  3. She loves to sing. Sometimes, I hear this angelic voice coming from our kitchen and I think, “Billie Eilish?? Is that you?? In our apartment??” Nope. Not Billie. Just Becca. 
  4. She would rate all your songs. 12/10. 

I mean at this rate, there’s no reason you shouldn’t date Becca. She’s perfect. 

If you guys want to hear me third wheel the podcast, click here.

Written by Alyssa Schoener

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