I Bullied My Boss Into Sending Me On Vacation and Paying For It

Here’s a life lesson for everyone: 

If you want something, you have to work for it. For example, last week, I wanted to go on vacation. So what did I do? I worked for it. 

“Working for it” is super subjective, though, right? I mean, if you want to get technical, the word “working” could mean anything at all. Which brings me to my next point: The end always justifies the means. In this case, the ends were me going on vacation, and the means may or may not have been publicly bullying my boss into paying for the vacation that I want to go on. That’s still working. There were still “ends” that justified the “means”, right?  

Right. Basically, I decided to be bold and ask my boss, Dallas Jackson, to send my coworkers, Alyssa Schoener and Grace Brassel and I to Florida to meet for the first time.

How could you say no to that? The response from the TFM staff was mixed: “Why are you saying this to us?” and “Why would we pay for that?” and “Why?”.

To which I said: “Because we want to?” 

Which did not work. So weird. Anyways, I knew what needed to be done: I needed to post it on the internet. I wrote a blog asking him once again if we could go. I even made a cute poster:

Once I posted this, I knew you guys would come through. First of all, thank you for all your sweet messages.

Of course, there were also some questions and answers:

Like all Hallmark movies, this story has a heartwarming ending. The bullying worked. Guess where we’re going on Monday? Fort Lauderdale! Guess who’s paying for it? TFM! Most importantly, guess who’s not paying for it? Me. We all won today, guys. 

I want to be clear: if you have a difficult job, you deserve this vacation 1002% more than I do. Which is why it’s time for you guys to start bullying people [your bosses] too. Want a raise? Start terrorizing your boss! If that doesn’t work, send me their info and I will cyberbully the entire corporation myself. Let me know!

I also heard a rumor that the boys were jealous of our trip, so they’re campaigning to be sent on a nice vacation next week as well. Don’t worry guys, I’m sure Dallas will send you somewhere too. I’ve heard Scranton, Pennsylvania, is nice this time of year, actually. Enjoy your vacay!

Written by Becca Moore

Becca Moore graduated from Ohio University in May but will probably be stuck in college for the rest of her life. She has the bad habit of using Tik Tok to publicly rate every guy she’s ever met and loves helping girls expose their shady boyfriends. Her favorite hobby is trying to bring up Greek life in any and every conversation she can.

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