Fail Friday: Slapdicks Gone Wild

It’s Friday. Time to revel in the failures of our brothers and sisters across the country.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

Got a good fail video or photo? Post it here.

At least he didn’t hit the house (via phatjopoulos)
Tough scene (via dingdongmedic)
$100 on the line no hesitation…… broken foot (via d_med44)
No he’s not good he’s puking in a coal burning heater. (via ashcrack)
Thank God the police are there (via dirtydibs)
Multiple ruptured discs. He’ll feel that for life. (via IG @Thebuzzhunter)
He guaranteed he could scale that wall. (via IG @Mr.lombeezy)
Looks like a rough night all around for this slapdick. (via @cobihughes)
Nightmare stepkid right here. (via @emmamadz)
Slipping on your own puke is fucking low (via @jordivilavilarrasa)
Happy Memorial Day Weekend from this fine squad. (via @Willeigenrauch)

The Chaser: Maddison from University Of South Florida

The lovely maddisontaylorrrg is here to wash away the failure from your eyes.

See more photos of Maddison here